Tape cassava

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Tape is one kind of processed indigenous food typical of Indonesia. Some of the areas that are famous for processed tape are like West Java, Central Java, East Java and some other areas. Tape is a fermented food made from foods containing carbohydrates such as cassava and sticky rice. The name of the tape is based on the type of main raw materials such as cassava tape and glutinous tape. Tape is much liked by everyone because it tastes soft, tasty, sweet and also there is a distinctive flavor not found from other foods.

How To Make Cassava Tape

Tape gives rise to a very distinctive taste as it is made by fermentation which involves various kinds of microorganisms.The way of tape making also involves yeast tape.The tape tribe has a thin round shape like a coin and usually will be destroyed in the process of making tape.Microorganisms found in tape yeast among others are Rhizopus sp, Amylomyces rouxii, Saccharomycopsis fibuligera, Bacillus sp, and Pediococcus. The tape regime will usually work more effectively when dried before use. Usually this procedure is always performed by the tape maker.

Chemical Process of Tape Production

All tape materials either in the form of cassava or sticky rice should be cooked first. After that the materials to be used should be cooled and sprinkled with yeast tape. All these materials will be stored for approximately 2 to 3 days in a warm place. The tape maker will usually wrap it with banana leaves that can give a warm effect.If left for 2 to 3 days then the tape material will be a soft and sweet tape.However, do you know the chemical process in production but.

The yeast sown on the tape material already contains various types of microorganisms. These microorganisms will break down the sugar into smaller groups of sugar. The way this yeast works will produce amylolytic enzymes so as to make the layers of sugar in a simpler form. Sugar produced by microorganisms this will be converted into a form of alcohol that makes the aroma of fragrant tape and the distinctive taste that sting. The alcohol content produced by the tape will depend on the length of tape storage. The longer stored it will be the greater the alcohol content produced.

During this tape is only known as a very distinctive food. Many tape served as a feast day or family gathering event.Tape into dessert dishes are usually eaten with food chips or emping.Banyak people who avoid tape because they are not happy with alcohol or after effects eat tape. But, did you know, that it turns out all kinds of tape has many benefits. Here are the benefits of cassava tape you need to know.

  1. Warm Body Tape, add energy and add sexual.