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Jengkol or Jering included in the category of legumes. Jengkol can be processed into a very delicious food and become the most popular food in Southeast Asia, as in Indonesia food or jengkol cuisine is quite popular even not difficult if we want to taste jengkol cuisine.

Jengkol has a characteristic that gives off the smell of odor, even so jengkol that has been processed into delicious cuisine will make our appetite increases and not infrequently there are people who say that eating jengkol more delicious than eating meat.

Jengkol Special Food and How to Cook Jengkol
Where can we find jengkol cuisine? to be able to enjoy jengkol cuisine we will not be difficult to meet him because currently diindonesia already many sellers or rice stalls serving this cuisine, even the big restaurant even though this cuisine we can meet.

can not jengkol smell min? well, on this occasion I will share a few tips and how to cook jengkol to be food or cuisine that is very delicious. please refer to below.

How to Cook Semur Jengkol
before processing into stews, boil jengkol first to remove odor.
boil it until the water to boil it runs out.
the cooking process is the same as making stews in general
sauté the finely spiced (pecan, garlic, onion) with cooking oil to taste
enter jengkol that has been boiled earlier with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and give enough water.
then give complementary spices like salt, pepper, java sugar according to your taste
wait until the spices permeate
finished and jengkol stews ready to serve
Additional tips to eliminate odor on jengkol. at the time of boiling citrus leaf input periodically.

More tips to keep the mouth does not smell after eating jengkol. after eating wash your mouth with water then eat cucumber. the second way with chewing black coffee powder, if you like after chewing you may swallow the coffee powder but if not like you throw it away.

that's the story about jengkol special food and how to cook jengkol that I can give on this occasion. if you like this article I may get fed jengkol hehehe, so yaa.