House of aceh heroes

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One of Aceh's national heroes, Cut Nyak Dien became the inspiration of women in Aceh to fight against the Dutch colonialism.

Among the traces of the struggle, the people of Aceh and the Indonesian nation can browse the house Cut Nyak Dien located in Lampisang area, Aceh Besar district, Aceh province.

When entering the area that has been inaugurated into a cultural heritage, the community will be faced with a house on stilts that have a land area of ​​about 200 square meters.

The building is 100 percent made of natural materials in the form of wood and leaf rumbia was seen strong despite the earthquake and tsunami waves hit by devastating tsunami that hit Aceh on December 26, 2004 ago.

Aisyah (55), a 13 year old guarding Cut Nyak Dien's house, explained that the tsunami really devastated most of Aceh. But the historic house Cut Nyak Dien remains firm, even become one of the sanctuaries of the people during the Tsunami.

"Tsunami lunged and drowned this house too, but still strong because this house does not use nails but pegs," said Aisyah to NU Online, Sunday (8/10) afternoon.

In the middle of serving the visiting community look around the house Cut Nyak Dien, Aisha whose house was also hit by the tsunami explained, at that time a number of residents boarded the house Cut Nyak Dien. However, having learned that the volume of the Tsunami's floods kept rising, they climbed the roof.

"So that damaged only the roof made of leaf of rumbia because dismantled by residents to climb the roof," explained Aisyah who also explained that 100 percent of Cut Nyak Dien house made of ironwood. Woods are known to be strong and termite resistant.

The house visited by many people every year has a number of rooms. The main entrance is on the right side. Residents immediately faced with a central room that can go directly to the porch of the house.

The porch of the house is on the right side and the left side of the house. In this room, emblazoned historical photographs of the struggle of Cut Nyak Dien, Teuku Umar, and the people of Aceh against the Dutch.

Entering the middle of the front of the house, there are two special rooms dedicated to the ladies. The ladies' room is parallel to two porches, each with a window on the front.

There is also a maid room directly opposite the dining room. In the dining room there are a number of chairs and tables are used to display a number of weapons used by the people of Aceh in the struggle.

Among the weapons were Rencong, singrong machete, machete type cot lantring, machete type ladieng, sword, and spear.

The Cut Nyak Dien room is located at the back of the house. There is a special room to receive guests that are located parallel to the Cut Nyak Dien room.

However, the house that looks sturdy with the majority black paint that wrapped it is a replica of the original house with the exact same shape. Cut Nyak Dien's own house was burned down by the Dutch in 1896 and left nothing behind.

"Unless the well is still original in the front of the house because it is made of cement," said Aisyah. This well towered about 3 meters above the ground. According to Aisyah's confession, the well that is still there is water has a depth of 18 meters.

In addition to domestic tourists, a number of foreign tourists are also frequent visits in homes that have been restored in 1981 ago.

"Malaysians often come here because they have an emotional bond because Sultan Pahang has an Acehnese wife," said Aisyah.

He also explained, European and American society also often have visited the home of Cut Nyak Dien of Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States.

"Usually they are accompanied by their respective guides," said Aisha. Visitors can also trace the history of the library


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