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Learning is a mandatory thing that must be done by school children. Learning can make ourselves smarter and more know everything about life. But over time, the spirit of learning schoolchild can rise and fall, sometimes the spirit of learning peak, sometimes the spirit of learning is also down. Therefore, it is very important to give the word motivation of school children so that they keep the spirit in learning every day.

Indeed, the nature of school children tend to be labile and sensitive, so they are easily influenced by things that make it lazy to learn. Moreover, in this all-sophisticated era, the temptation of technology increasingly makes children lazy to learn in school. As a student, we must have the word motivation to learn which is high to ignite the willingness of learning in us.As a parent or teacher, we also have to often say the words of wisdom spirit of learning, so that children become active in learning at school and at home. image


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