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The story of a long time ago, lived a poor family in coastal areas. The father works alongside the merchant ships to make ends meet. The family had a young boy named Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang is a diligent child, he helps every mother's work to lighten the burden of parents. So his mother is very fond of Malin Kundang.

Until at one time, the father went sailing. But after that day, no longer heard the news. Over the years, the kidding mother is now working hard on her own to support herself and raise the Malin. Seeing that, young malin kundang feel very sorry. He was determined to work, to wander and to return home with much wealth for his mother. Until one day, there is a ship that is quite luxurious anchored. As usual, malin immediately ran to the ship with the freight workers, because the malin did work as a porter for the merchants who came to help his mother.

Seeing the malin is so diligent, the ship captain became very interested. He intends to invite malin to sail and work on his ship. Malin was very happy, because his dream to sail and wander to the country will be realized. He ran home to ask for permission from his mother. image

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