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Everyone is born in tears and everyone who awaits your birth smiled sweetly. Will we be able to make the situation upside-down and make people cry when we leave the world and return to the khalik ?.

"Life is beautiful for the wise, life is hard for the strong, and life is suffering for the weak, including which of us?"

"The quality of your life depends on your quality, so make yourself more qualified for you to live a quality life."

"Looking for the point of error of others makes us forget the mistakes ourselves, stop and start from yourself."

"Life is too precious to be regretted, live and be grateful for everything you receive because out there not a few people want to get what you find."

"When the test comes up, it is necessary because happiness is in it."

"Life sometimes does not fit into the plan, but accepting and living what is in sight is more useful than a meaningless grievance."

"Crying and grieving will not change everything to be meaningful, but if you think that everything can change the situation by grief and cry then do it because everyone has their own way to solve the problem."

"Be grateful for what you have and let those who are jealous and dislike you, because the hatred that is shown to you signifies that he is not capable of being like you."

"If the rice has become porridge, then enjoy it and do not throw it if you do not want to be grouped into groups of people who are not grateful." image

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