The way of Together Building Steemit Using Automatic Voting Rights

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Greetings to steemit friends all hopefully our encounter tonight be a good diantra good night.

Delegates Togetherness

For all steemit friends, have you ever had a hard time in steemit ...? For beginners like me I would say that my days are very difficult.
Have you ever been the first time to become a member of steemit by saying support me and vote me.
what you can do when you ask or beg for someone to ask for support, from some of my experiences that it is not easy to get votes from people we do not know.

Have you ever thought that if we are still beginners need support and guidance. It's all about my personal experience that I know word of mouth steemit and I'm looking for information on google what is steemit.

for now we can only get support from esteem that is @good-karma and other support is on that is @busy @zappl and others. Here I mention three types because at this moment only here I am looking for support.
Here I am still like the foam of the sea so I got with you guys who recently in steemit, Likes and sorrow in steemit I already understand.

Solution For Getting Support

The steemit friends who are still new then make a group to be directional and do not get like me who still use the system to cry to beg.

The solution for the little ones becomes visible

  1. Create a group or community.
    2.learning to make posts more interesting.
  2. Diligent reading in every post of others and that we should read.

Get Automatic Voting Right

Here I have a desire to build steemit but if personally then I can not afford and I need your help all.

How to support ....?

for those of you who want to join then you can send SBD as you can and here you can get support automatically from me during month.
All the donations you send me will be distributed to you all by the way I take a delegate for a month.
then the conclusion that I am here only be an intermediary for your support only.

Delivery procedures

Support submission on behalf of @bachtiar0210 using Memo support steemit

The more submissions the more support you get.


Name : Bachtiar
Age : 30 Years
Residence : North Aceh

For those who are less convinced or less confident then you can deal directly with me.
wchat # bachtiar0210
Telegram # 082366151116 # bachtiar0210

Thanks For all of you.

But I hope there is a donor from the developer in steemit. Please support @ned @good-karma @blocktrades @zappl if any donors are willing to support me then thank me

Greetings and thanks from me @bachtiar0210 for all of you may your day always in a healthy and pleasant state.

Please support from all of you steemit friends.

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