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Sometimes life could be funny and you may find yourself in a very terrible situation. The fact that one is financially comfortable today does not guarantee future financial freedom.

The unexpected may happen anytime. You be gainfully employed yesterday and find yourself back in the labor market tommorrow. You can be in a very robust health now, and the next minutes find yourself on a sick bed. The world is too complex to understand atimes.

I remember some years back when i lost my job in a bank and could not find any job for two years. I thought the end has come. During the year of my joblessness the worst also happened. I was visited by five men robbery gang and dispossed of the little i had, i was practically left naked. No food, no money,no clothes. Nothing!
It was a terrible period. That was when i know what is called "a pang of hunger". I wonder how i was able to survived that.

No condition is permanent. The fact that i was able to pull through all those hurdles
and still breathing today is an indication that all hope is not lost for whomsoever is going through any form of difficulties. I agree it may look difficult and impossible right now but beleive me, it is a stage you will soon leave behind.

The mountain may look too high to climb
The hill may look to difficult to climb
But be rest assured
That you will climb them and move on
To the brighter part of life.

Thanks for checking my posts.
A very big thank you to @surpassinggoogle for inspiring me and to show how grateful I am to his kindness and generosity I would like to promote him as a witness . You can vote for him at and type in"steemgigs" at the first search box and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.
Behind the black cloud in the sky lies a silver lining.
Thank you all for reading.

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