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RE: Stopping Downvote Censorship on Steemit: Suggestions For a New Model for Anti-Spam That Prevents Malicious Censorship

in #steemit3 years ago

This is against the very idea of steem. To have a centralized power that decides who is and who is not allowed on the platform. This is a solution to a perceived problem, not an actual one, people aren't censored, the post is still there and clearly visible for everyone and people are not creatures that will see a button marked "Reveal" and not click it.

People can still post in spite of being curated as such, even with their reputation in the dirt, and this has happened numerous times where people were autoflagged and actually gained more attention because of it, in spite of not crying "censorship", or others that have had low reputations and built them back up.

When you create a position to deal with spam and banning accounts, you will need to devote resources to that position and eventually the network will become so big that a major operation would tax it to death simply trying to repel spam and deal with arbitration on a scale 100x or 100000x what we know now.