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RE: Make money improving the Trending

in #steemit2 years ago

They are called Rewards. Buying rewards ruins the game. I'm not even going to bother with the hogwash: "Well then you decide the position is reasonable." selling your votes is no different from monetizing on short term gains, knowing that it harms long term gains because fooling the consumer into believing that "this trash gets rewarded this much" even momentarily, it makes this place look like shit and another would be user gone, and we aren't even talking about the numerous users that are driven away directly because "rewards" are simply payola..

If you cared about trending you would stop the bullshatory and do your part either delegating to worthy accounts, or by getting your hands dirty AND PLAYING THE GAME, but I don't expect anyone to sacrifice short term gains at the expense of irreplaceable users, I'd be a naive idiot to do so.


Kind of funny when bidbots have start to paying to advertise their own services eh? My how the times are changing...

Did you hear the one about bidbots "making trending great again"?