Bring Back The FEED!!!

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The feed on mobile is missing!?!?

Sorry, I will start again.

Let me begin by saying I am mostly loving the new changes to the UI as part of the Communities roll out.

Yes, I really am.

However, there is one big oversight and one which frankly IMO continually hobbles any attempt at success for the platform.

Mobile devices.

Or rather, the lack of focus on mobile devices.

The relentless focus on desktop is simply not fitting with modern web usage. It is certainly not fitting with 'mass adoption.'

The new changes mean that the feed is missing from the mobile version of the Steemit.Com website.

Come on man. It's the 21st century!?

And no. I don't want to use alternate front ends and no I don't want to code the changes myself so you can beat it with that nonsense.

Sort it out.


I agree for two reasons:

  1. potential upvote.

  2. you are dead on right.

Wahahaha!! I like your double reasoning!!!

I feel like I have to use Partiko or esteem on the go. And Partiko is half dead with bits falling off it. Makes a lot of sense for some new Developer resource to focus on mobile friendliness!

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I really wish they would get something on the go. We need a slick and beautiful, easy to use mobile app!

Maybe once that huge frozen stake has been defrosted it will be put to use on mobile development!

I completely agree. You say the most sensible things I have ever heard on this platform. I will vote your witness.

Oops, speaking to myself. :0D

Oops this was meant to be me?

At least you are aware that you are talking to yourself - if I see it again - I’ll inform one of you ....... so that one of you can book an appointment!

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