Steemit Secrets - The First Lesson I Learnt

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Steemit Secrets, First Lesson I Learnt

Most of the new users here thinks that upvotes are important and tries to get upvotes as much as possible. They tries to rely on upvoting groups and exchanges. Due to this the articles will be of low quality as they are spending much time on these groups. The Bitter truth is that most of such groups cannot help much in your earning unless there are some whales included, And understand that whales will not have time to do exchange voting. They will be focussing to monetize in different level like trading, investing, writing etc.

Secret Advice & The Lesson I Learnt

What i understood on this is, Its better to write quality artices rather than following these exchange groups. Quality articles helps to get the attention of whales here. It helps to get upvotes from them and those votes will be worth 100 times than the 50 votes from exchanges. Quality posts and comments are the key to success in steemit. And ofcourse there will be some genuine groups which will be helpful for freshers but rare to find them. Most of the admins are trying to fill their pocket using the audience. Dont waste your time on these exchanges. Focus on writing better articles and get the attention.

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whales don't give their votes to anybody . mostly they vote their friends or family members. don't forget steemit is a business !

Thats why i told to focus on writing quality articles. When there is good subject one or other will have interest to check and if he likes surely will upvote.