300+ Followers Reached - Big thank you to all, Participate In my Small Giveaway

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300+ Followers - Big Thank You, Giveaway

I am So Excited to have 300+ Followers In Very Short Period. This motivates me very much to contribute more to steemit. It also fills me the urge to grow to next level from a small minnow :)

On this happy moment i wish to offer a small giveaway contest (i am small minnow). All the earnings from this post will be given to a lucky steemian

How to Participate ?

Please comment on this post after Upvoting & Resteeming this post. Also Dont forget to follow me :) . By doing this the giveaway amount will be also increases.

**The winner will be Announced on 2nd October.

Again A Big Thanks To All My Supporters.

Support me by Following, Upvoting & Resteeming My Posts.


... and continues. I read your message on Twitter and now I'm following you on both Steemit and Twitter. I just post about cool Gif Luke Video today 🎃

Oops, Instagram, not Twitter

tienes un seguidor mas amigo!! te sigo

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nice work

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very well done, I will take you up on your challenge.

Congratz The Lucky Winner.

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Enjoy the climb up the Steemit Mountain too!