Steem Facebook Group for People in Malaysia!

in steemit •  last year

I finally did it! I made a Facebook Group for every and all Steemians in Malaysia!

Screenshot (7).png

I made this group as a gathering place for all type of stemians, whether you're writer,blogger, curator, photographer.. whatever you are!

I hope that over time, we can build a network of Malaysian Steemian and give each other opinions and advice.

Do follow join the group if you're in Malaysia!!

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Awesome, was wondering if there were any Malaysians around on steemit. Great initiative for doing this.


Awesome!! Glad to have you in! Would love for you to be a part of us!

good initiative

I've been here since January, hardly seen any active Malaysian. Hope to see more content from fellow Malaysian.

this is great! will join in soon

cc to @ninjaboon, @pao86... i know you guys are malaysians.. hahaha


I'm not...... :) but i'll join anyway!


great! this Malaysian shall join in the fun!


nice work ! Will be joining @eva-love-to-eat

Terbaik bro! let's spread to word to all Malaysian to start steemin' it!

Joined! Thanks bro

Can I join? I work in Malaysian since 2013. At Kedai Kain Quality Textile No 11 Jalan Jujur Dua Block dua, Bandar Tun Razak. Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

Great to see these things, its inspiring to see the efforts to get the word out on steem.

This is a great idea. I just send a request to join the group


Selamat malam positivesteem.tolong masukkan saya kedalam grup

Thanks for doing this! Am a new Malaysian Steemian and would love to join any Malaysian support groups.


Head over to our Facebook group and join in! if you have any questions or just wanna chill, go right ahead!

That's great!! Happy to be in this community. Just found this yesterday and I can already see great potential for this platform for years to go. Let's grow together!


welcome to #Teammalaysia! im glad you and i think the same thing that regard and lets work together to gain from the growth potential of this platform!

Why can't we have group in steemit?


The way i see it. Steem currently categorizes posts with tags. So while its possible for a developer to create an app that allows groups to be made available (I think the infrastructure of the blockchain makes it possible). It seems no one has gotten to it yet.

Thanks! It's a great group :)

Really awesome, Malaysia boleh!


Malaysia Boleh!

tq .. i will req to join.. newbie here