Pornhub 🅿 enthusiast Kanye West is in the middle of 'insane🔥 negotiations'😕

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Kanye West is not like anyone within the world. And yet, like several people, he remains easy|an easy|a straightforward} man with simple desires.

And by straightforward desires, we have a tendency to mean creation.

Last month, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host asked Kanye if having daughters has modified his views on girls. this can be however he answered: “Nah, I still scrutinize Pornhub.”

The rapper then went deeper, if you may, admitting his favorite genre of porno is “a ton of black on white, obviously.” once Kimmel distinguished he didn’t have to be compelled to expose most, Kanye additional, “I mean, what’s the purpose of being Kanye West if you can’t?”

Message received — by Pornhub. the web site rewarded his shout-out with a time period premium membership and, in line with the Daily Mail, he was offered “complete inventive control” to direct a scene in associate adult film.

The ante has apparently been upped, with Page Six coverage on that the rapper is presently “in talks” to function inventive director of the inaugural Pornhub Awards, to be command Th night in la.

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