VLOG #14: What Is ADSactly + Why Building Solid Relationships Are Important ♥

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  Get around people who have something of value to share with you. Their impact will continue to have a significant effect on your life far after they have departed.  - Jim Rohn

A lot of people have been seeing ADSactly around on Steemit but some folks are still confused as to who and what they stand for. In this video I will go over why you should become a part of this Movement and why it will benefit you. Building solid relationships are extremely important and sometimes people don't really understand why. Allow me to expand your mind. ;)

If I haven't visited your blog lately and you are used to seeing me showing you love, don't worry I will soon just catching up on all these awesome posts from you guys!

You don't build a business. You build people and then people build the business. 

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Join ADSactly On Discord https://discord.gg/FrTJ5PX and Follow @adsactly on Steemit!


Hannah (Remember Who You Are)


That's ADSactly right!!!

Building relationships is crucial, you're so right.

Knowing who you are and keeping sight of where you are instead of concerning yourself with where others are is also super crucial.

So, I'm in the Adsactly on discord. Once I can get a little time to check it out i should see you in there.

Great to see you back on here girl! ;)

Ok sounds good and you are freekin awesome at building relationships btw :)

Awww.... Thanks! I've been isolated for so long you really don't know how nice that is to hear! You really are too you know ;)

Love love love this!! So much value.

'People don't do business with people they don't trust' - So true.

I'm sorry I just have to say this, but the music in the middle was like Minecraft music :D

I dig it how you know Jim Rohn. 'You don't build a business. You build people and then people build the business.' - That's the core of network marketing right there!

I will definitely join Adsactly now. I have been seeing them around, but thought it might had been just like one guy. But thanks for the info!

And for the last part of the video, such good advice. Anger and gratitude can never be in the same room. If we are truly grateful, we will be happy!

Thanks for this post. Your rewards are growing by the day! What a Lady-boss. I got your messages on chat, I just haven't had the chance to reply. Talk soon.

Thank you so much for taking your time to always watch my whole video. It shows me that you care about what I have to say. I really appreciate your friendship. Look forward to seeing you in ADSactly! :)

Most all of my friends are business partners :)

changing the world baby

Friends can make the best business partners :)

i've added the adsactly discord channel to my server. getting into the role of being a discordiant on network is different.
like being in a chat room on steroids...lol.

Hah. A friends bot that is in closed beta spotted the use of 'discordiant' and pinged me... Now I am going to read the post.

i'm sorry, i was using the term discordiant to signify to another user that i was in a few discord groups.

Wow! Great job girl!!

Thank you my friend!! :D Love your latest pic :)

Thank you. Actually I thing about my work here. And I think Photography will be good choice. I hope people will enjoy that.

Yes I agree! You are really good at photography and gaming news. There is so many options for you! :)

Thanks for sharing girl. These are good tips.

I appreciate it Queen! xoxoxo!

Real people, doing real things!

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I agree relationships are so important to us in many ways. They gives us so much influence. I want to help build this community and my profile here so any help I can offer Hannah please let me know! Great post.

Yes please join the ADSactly discord channel with the link in the post and introduce yourself in the community group and just say how you found out about it and what your thoughts are! :) We are excited you are joining :D

Done! Thanks so much as always. Side note question for you. Would you recommend putting out vlogs always with my blogs? Would this create the most engagement? Thanks in advance @awarenessraiser!

I believe so because vlogs allow a person to see who you really are and it creates more transparency. Split test it and see if vlogs with your blogs are best or if just a vlog is best :)

upvoted :) keep going ;)

Thank you! :) <3 <3 <3 <3

Even if you cannot change all the people around you, you can change the people you choose to be around. Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you. Spend your life with people who make you smile, laugh, and feel loved.

That is so true. We have an option at any moment to change the people we choose to surround ourselves with :)

How can I agree more 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

You already know BOSS!

Very good article Hannah. ( Awesome name by the way )


Thank youuuuu :)

Liked your words!

Thank you so much!

The way you say things and your beautiful voice make your videos just perfect. I think all relationships involve some kind of personal interest, but it doesn't mean its on a material way, it could be so much more than that, and it probably worth a lot more than what money can buy from a relationship. Great words girl, I'm becoming a big fan of you already.

That is so sweet of you, thank you!! :) I appreciate you (:

Thanks for sharing this. Very good tips about real relationship building for mutually beneficial entrepreneurial collaborations. So many opportunities await when we offer our genuine selves in harmony with accepting others.

I love how you phrased what you said! I will be checking out your blog shortly <3

:) it's a really timely topic that I was going over with my old friend these past few days. Nice to get our ideas validated from your post.

My best friend and brother are my business partners and it works just perfect over so many years and distance like me in Mauritius my bro in San Diego and my friend in Berlin but still it works great and soon we will be all together in one place to rock the world ;) thanks for sharing this info just joined ADSactly On Discord and look forward to meet some great people there. Have a lovely day Love&Light

Yayyy so glad you are inside because you will be a big benefit to ADSactly with all your knowledge :)

Thank you have to check it out how it all works and then I am glad to give a bit of my knowledge to the community (:

Lets build baby

Totally awesome, i enetered discord and want to give the time it deserves to check all the info about Adsactly! So good info you give un in here, I really didn't knew it..thanks so much!

Awesome! So glad you joined and I am glad you took the time to look at my post :)

Sure and also following you. As you can see i dont follow everybody so will be reading you!

Sure...following too

I am surrounded by people who expect that I have something to share with them. However, they do not reciprocate I any fashion. So how to I rid myself of these parasites? Wouldn't you consider that only having friends as being soley based as, what they can share with you, or give you, or help you- as being PARASITIC. I have some friends who give me nothing, and need my help and rely on me. They are true friends and will answer the phone if I need help. And I have some friends who are totally parasitic. The only time they cal is when they expect free food or free money or a donation for some cause, that they will just pocket themselves------- Lesson is----- Be very careful who you provide help to. Its like feeding stray cats. first there is a few, then there are dozens.

True true. All relationships that want to be successful require a fair exchange of energy. When one party starts feeling like they are doing all the heavy lifting, that's when problems start happening.

I am still confused about ADSACTLY. But I will check it out today.

Amazing how successful you have become. Congrats!

Each day is a process on here :) You are successful as well I see :D
Yes just introduce yourself and make yourself comfortable there :)

Agreed and should be more involved somehow myself. But I am busy building upon myself and others must like you have mentioned. Maybe you or someone else could help me figure out more of how I may interact with Adsactly. :)

I understand because I have so much going on myself but I try to find a way to make some time and get involved with other things and projects. Join ADSactly and we will all help. Maybe we can even discuss it in the next Steemit101 hangout :)

There she is...love it doll.

Thank you for your support always. <3 <3 <3 <3

Staying true and solid sweets. You got awesome info in your video logs :)

I'm starting to get to know them ... I'm getting to build ... can't wait to get all the knowledge I can get ... as always upvoted and resteemed

Yayyy that is awesome! (;

Here's how to turn the adsactly logo into a link.


You are awesome!

That's what I'm talking about girl! Do your thing sexy mamma ;0) Wish you great success <3

Thank you so much mami! <3

Great post. I've been always surrounded by friends and people that I like until I have graduated from college. Since then, basically nobody did care anymore about each other, all my best friends just went their different ways and started to make families. I feel saddened, but then I just got used to it and figured out that this is how adulthood looks like, I've found a great girlfriend and new friends, those that I'm working with and one guy I've met on gym who is really cool and I'm happy again in life, because I found somebody that cares for me and has my back and vice versa.

It sounds like you had some powerful realizations :)

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

I appreciate you! <3

Thank you for sharing great value again, you are rockin it girl

Thank you so much Queen! :D

It's all about that relationship :)

Exactly! Building relationships are everything :)

Thank you. This was an amazing talk, inspiring and true. It might be the last kick I needed to jump into Adsactly <3