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It's time for me to switch things up. I know a lot of the new users to Steemit are trying to figure out how to make it to the top of that trending page. That winning spot that gives others a twinge of jealousy. I want to give you all some tips and things to think about when you write a post. These are things I've learned from my time majoring in English at Purdue University and I think they can be applied to any subject matter you choose to write about.

I'm not saying that the content being posted on Steemit is subpar, but it's always good to try and improve yourself and thus the platform itself- especially since this improvement could drastically boost your bank account ;)

  1. Take Your Time
    I spend an average of 3 or more hours planning out and typing up my posts. Most of the time I have a general idea what I want to write about, usually it's a crazy thing that happened, a realization that changed my perspective, or education about a specific topic. It's good to explore your thoughts and challenge yourself to get critical about how or why things have happened, and most importantly: you need to convey how it affected you and what you plan on doing about it.

  2. Write It All Out
    Rarely, if ever, do I write a post without editing it. I write everything that comes to mind. Most of it is NOT what I want to say, but when I get a good train of thought going I find that I stumble upon a great thought or phrasing that pleases me and I do my best to expand on that thought. Expand, expand, expand. Write it all out. Then you can easily go back and take out unnecessary words, repetitive phrases and pointless statements. Hint: the word "that" is usually not needed

3.Organize it
You need to figure out what you want to accomplish with the post and stick with it the whole way through. This will keep your writing focused and prevent it from trailing off topic which can be confusing for readers and make them feel like they're wasting their time by reading it.
I begin with a general timeline, since I like to write about my own travel experiences, this type of organization makes the most sense. I think about the events leading up to the occasion, the thing that happened, then how I reacted and felt about it. I like to make comparisons whenever possible. They help the reader better understand what I'm talking about and it can give them a better visual, so they feel like they have experienced it also.

If you aren't writing about travel or telling a story, these are two other ways to organize your writing- specifically if you're writing about a technical subject. You can either begin with the Big Picture and go further into detail with the specifics, this gives the reader a heads up on what they will be learning about. Or you can write it in a crescendo type fashion and begin with the smaller details and tie them all together at the end by linking them into the Big Picture. This gives your reader a sense of deeper understanding on how everything is connected that way.

  1. Use A Language That's Relatable Yet Knowledgeable
    Try to have a slightly casual tone with your writing. You want your readers to feel comfortable reading the material, you don't want them to struggle to understand what you're trying to say because your writing makes you sound like a robot. It's great to write in a way that conveys your own personality. You can do this by including phrases you often use everyday. It's also good to practice recognizing how your inner voice sounds when you talk to yourself. If you can tap into that and convey it in the right way it's a great way for your readers to feel connected to you and they'll be more invested and interested in reading the entirety of your post. Also, I try to be as descriptive as possible. I choose one or two things to really describe in detail, not every single thing but a few key details will really bring your reader closer to your writing. They'll feel more connected and interested.

  2. Be Your Own Harshest Critic
    Again, be very critical of your writing. Really think about what you are trying to say and if you're using the absolute best phrasing. I like to go over my writing and think of different ways to organize the words to form shorter, more to the point sentences. No one likes to read material that's really wordy, it's boring and ultimately you'll lose the readers focus. On a platform where content is king, keeping your readers attention should be first on your list. You should have a clear and concise objective to your post.

I know this post doesn't exactly warrant photos but here's a few from Portugal, a trip I'll be writing about in the future:)

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