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WE DID IT! - 10,000 Followers on steemit in 7 months

I would like to give thanks to every single one of you for your support and dedication over the past 7 months and for putting up with my posting :)

It is truly humbling having a total following of around 50,000 people over 2 youtube channels and steemit and as i said before i would like to thank you all the growth of both channels and steemit has been rapid and much faster than iIexpected!

as a thank you for your support I will be launching a competition:

To find the most obvious crypto scam site of them all!

to enter simply post the link of the biggest scam site you can find and in 5 days I will stop taking entries and a winner will be decided on the 19th September

Winners will receive the following

  • 1st place: 7 upvotes off me on their content + 2 resteems of whatever post they choose
  • 2nd place: 5 upvotes off me on their content + a resteem of whatever post they choose
  • 3rd place 3 upvotes off me on their content
  • 2 runner ups will each get a upvote on their comment to this post
  • Post comments with the links to the sites before midnight GMT+0 on the 18th September to qualify for entry!


    I'd say congratulations to this accomplishment but seeing as though you've managed to get it by mass-following users and remembering what other accounts started doing that had done the same I'm a bit unsure if I want to reward this sort of activity and it makes me wonder if you've done the same on other social media accounts.

    50,000 people over 2 youtube channels

    I don't usually upvote my own comments but felt its needed for others to realize how you've managed to get 10k followers.

    Well, you are correct i follow alot of people around 70k to be accurate however if i did follow for follow my tatic would be horseshit if i only had 1/7th of what i should had i follow alot off accounts as i generally follow anyone who posts a good article as they deserve it, as it happens i even follow you so you can be all "oh he mass follows" well no but yes in a way i do, and... what is the problem with having more following than followers? @acidyo

    (is ment to seem arsey)

    No problem at all having more following than followers. If you have followed them naturally, say you've read their articles, liked it and followed then sure, that's not a problem. But if you've followed them just so they might notice it and follow you back it gives a false view on your Follower amount.

    How do you think users feel like that actually put a lot of time on their posts and value their follower amount vs someone that just spam follows others in hopes to get his follower amount up higher than anyone else?

    I've seen a lot of people do that in the past and most started abusing it at the end by trying to sell re-steems and what not. It also brings the case of follower amount not meaning anything and knowing there are services out there that you can buy followers from for a low amount of money makes it even more obsolete to have a big amount of followers.

    Sorry but I prefer the users that gain followers naturally and that's all I wanted to have said in the comment. Your account now doesn't look genuine to me and considering we have limited voting power what's the use of having your feed filled with 70k following?

    But as i said before there are follow for follow sites and if i did it then i would have to be thick to only have 1/7th of the rewards, i will agree what it looks like is follow for follow but i personally can assure you, i can say everyone i follow i check their articles and like their stuff, also if you do spam follow you get no upvotes as people who follow for follow have 100k following aswell so no upvotes for 99% of their 100k followers however as you can see i have an okay amount of upvotes

    I understand your point however it is not applicable here in my opinion if you think otherwise that is absolutely fine.

    Oh wow.... I'd be lucky to have even half of that after a year x_x




    Woot woot!! gratz on your achievment. I wish you the best of luck on your journey here on steemit!

    You said scam?


    Holy shit, I think I got it. If you haven't seen http://btcguarantee.com BTCGuarantee.com
    than your missing out on 40000% profit in 3 days. I mean seriously now. I got 5 bitcoin headed their way.

    Im going to sell everything i own and buy BTC to put in there

    There's no way to compete with that.
    Seriously? 40000% profit.
    Putting all my btc there right now.

    As i said send me all your money and you will make 1,000,000,000,000,000,000% per second :)

    all payments must be made in sexual favors :0

    That sounds like a porn I'd watch.
    "Dirty Bitcoins"

    I know it isn't however I thought it may need reintroducing as 10k is a milestone so I was introducing to new people :)

    lol hahhaha so true..^_^ anyway congrats @avilsd...

    thanks @donttryme2

    I can throw in 3-4 votes for the top 3. That's about 150$ when full. Just let me know who the winners are.

    Cheers would help a lot seen as ow mine would make $10 - 5 for a few upvotes :)

    Hit me up on steemit.chat if I miss notifications here.

    Will do!

    Explain this unless you'd rather I do...

    you have a MYSQL DB open that appears to be steemit, i dont see the problem there is no details in it.

    that's the problem... you don't see on the left where it says "not null" yet every field is empty. This should be "impossible" yet there it is.

    BTW it is the details of a comment where at first it read that transisto didn't know newsflash until we asked him why he sent him what was a million dollars worth of steem at the time he sent it. Then the comment magically changed to something else without showing as being edited on steemd.com.

    Nice! Gonna be quite the prize. Can you assure 40,000% return tho?

    40,000 are rookie numbers I can offer 1,000,000,000,000,000,000% per second:)

    Care to explain this because I can....

    @jphenderson Please do i have no idea what you mean.

    @jphenderson must not be that important if you havernt replied in 3 day :/

    Congrats @avilsd!!
    If you're looking for an obvious crypto scam site, check this one out.
    BtcTime.io promises to get you income in the amount of 3.84% daily in any btc investment you make on their site. So, basically, after a month you'd have doubled your investment.
    Apparently they haven't been paying for a while, but I'm not surprised.

    It also looks suspiciously similar to https://btcclock.io/
    They didn't even bother changing the desing after btcclok.io got flagged.

    congrats @avilsd I believe with dedication, hardwork and loads of internet bundles... I will get there definitely

    Congrats on 10K! Upvoted


    Congratulations @avilsd. There's more to come. I'll love you to support the #promo-steem project, with more people coming into Steemit, we can't be limited in our achievements.

    First of all congratulations for those 10k, great goal man. Im getting close to 1k and I'm so happy about it.
    I'm really new in this crypto world, but I already have read about this "Onecoin".
    I remember reading something about they've soto $50 million in one year.

    Wow! Nice, keep it up and keep on growing!

    Amazing my friend. Over follower

    I found some:

    1. Ethtrade.org: many people in my country invest a vast of money into it and lost all. The site is down now.

    2. https://www.merchantshares.com/

    3. And the big list of scam crypto sites here: https://etherscamdb.info/scams/


    Biggest scam site: https://bitconnect.co/

    lol ok ok I'm sure I'll get flamed for it. I honestly don't know if they're a scam or not...but it surely has a lot of suspicion around this site/coin.

    I mean just google "bitconnect scam" and the results are pretty endless...

    I think I've got a winner over here!
    I could not find any more obvious sites
    Mercedes $_$

    Muchas felicidades!


    Wow... @avilsd just following you now...you a great guy and doing well... Will work on supporting your projects...thanks for encauraging me...

    well that's a shitload congrats!!

    Thanks! would have got here without everyones help ;)


    love this idea!
    bring it on!!

    Hey! Congratulation. Keep on Steeming!

    Friend's following me, and i follow you to.

    I am your 10,001 follower

    follow me @ frgms

    Congrads @avilsd I will follow, upvoted

    Thank you for adding opportunities that can change and save lives using the Internet. As our lives get more connected to it, there must be a way to make our lives easier and better.

    More power to steem and its wonderful community!

    Hello, Avilsd, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @rightuppercorner Have a great time @rightuppercorner

    Congratulations 🎉🎊


    It's enormous knowing that one is only 300 thousand 👍

    Oh wow, very nice

    congratulation. I want flower too................

    wow! well done! really nice!
    only took 7 months to reach that - amazing!

    Scam site - https://bitcolesium.com/?a=account

    Thanks God i didn't invest as the site is down now. Such a fraud

    Felisidades AVILSD.

    Welcome to steemit....get more followers and upvotes through https://steemfollower.com/?r=3444

    Here's a scam site: https://btcprominer.life

    I reported them about 2 months ago as well: https://steemit.com/scam/@arthestically/btc-prominer-is-a-scam-please-don-t-invest-anything-in-there

    It's one of the most clever sites I've found as it takes random transactions off the blockchain and passes them off as their own. My account got deleted a month after I made my withdrawal.

    You should explain the strategy please 😂 😊👍🏼🎊🎈

    congratulations with your great results @avilsd! :)
    and what about scam sites - it's very important to name them! i could remember several of them, it's https://xviata.com/, https://scheriton.com/ru/ (still working but there is no chance to get any money from them) and meshmine.online

    Congratulations to you

    Congratulations! Love seeing you grow and improving your content.


    Thank You my friend

    steemit growth smoothly

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