Adding Back Some Names to my 'Follow' List

in steemit •  3 months ago

Occasionally I go through my 'follow' listing and 'un follow' some names who either have become inactive for an extended peoriod of time, or for some other reason not worth mentioning.

The main reason I've done this is to reduce the volume of listings on my 'feed' page so that I don't as easily miss interesting posts from those I want to read. One way of keeping in touch with our friends here on Steemit, is to 'open' our feed page whenever we log in. If the list is cluttered with uninteresting stuff and a huge amount of 're-steems' it is easy for our friends to not see us there.

I kind of wish that SteemInc would have incorporated "Hide Re-steems" at the top of the feed page, like they did with our user landing pages. I guess they had their reasons for it.

Anyway, fortunately someone who I follow had some of the 'same' people on his follow list that I'd eliminated from mine; so it was a great help in finding these people again by scrolling through my friends list :~)

Some of these people have become active again after a long hiatus away from posting, I see. Some have even kept me on 'their' follow list...but, I haven't heard from them in any way. Maybe they are not checking their own feed page, or who knows? 

Many of my 'ex' followed friends have disappeared months ago, and are still gone...most began not being active soon before the last  Hard Fork and 'most' soon after the Fork; Hmnnnnnn...???

Well, that's about all I have to say here in this post; I'm not ranting, raving, or complaining...just thinking, and writing my thoughts down.

Guess that's what 'Blogging' is mostly about, huh? I should do it more often; it might be good for the psych? 

What do 'you' think about it? Or what do you think about anything else? Whatever's on your mind, if you post it in the comment section below, it might make you feel better. I'll read it. Maybe I'll even comment back at'cha too ;~)

Either way, have a happy day, or at least try to.


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