Why should I upvote your post?

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I come across different posts on Steemit, I upvote posts which guides and motivates me. I know if we upvote posts which are getting upvotes we also get some share but I don' t want to encourage crap content just for the sake of few cents. I want to encourage legit bloggers who are creating quality content and helping Steemit.


I believe Steemit is blogging platform and we should promote quality content because that's what this platform is about, but I see many people are upvoting posts trending posts just because they are in trending. I also see Steemit is giving importance to people who are investing in Steem and Steem power. These whales are upvoting their own posts and when people see some money on posts they also start to upvote those posts. I think it's unfair, these people earn by upvoting themselves and sending Steem to bots and other users, they get their posts in trending then then manage to earn what they have invested.

I think Steem will loose its steam if this happens because it will be a platform to people who can invest and blog/vlog and people like me who don't have money lose their hope.

Okay keeping that aside, I know my upvote is valuable (not in terms of money) because I can encourage and increase any post's reach by upvoting, resteeming and commenting.

So if you want my upvote consider following points,


1 - Writing quality content

I love how-to article where I learn something or some articles where we can get to know something new or which refreshes our mind.

2 - Use relevant images

I love articles with relevant images.

3 - Keep it short and simple

As said less is more. I like articles which don't contain fillers. I like articles which are conversational and well formatted.

5 - Uniqueness


On internet everything is copy of copy of copy. I've seen many articles inspired by popular books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, and How to win friends and influence people. I've seen many people convey the same message from these books. They just write their way, I am not against it but I hate it when people don't pour their personality in it.

I think these are the factors I consider to upvote a post on Steemit. What about you?

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