What's your best way of making money online?

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I've been making money online and I've tried several ways to make money online. I've tried PTC, Traffic exchanges, Survey Sites, Blogging, Freelancing, Steemit, etc. I know several sites which are genuine and paying from years like Mylot and Swagbucks these are legit sites to make money online.

There are many ways to generate online income source some takes time and some are instant ways of making money. Some are passive ways and some are active ways of money making.

For example blogging and affiliate marketing is a passive way of making money, we need to build our blog, generate traffic to generate sales and income. It's a time consuming and multi-tasking job.

On the other hand freelancing is an active way of making money online, you need to compete tasks to earn money. It's less time consuming process as compared to blogging, your tasks depends on kind of projects you are working on but it's not multi-tasking job like blogging. If you don't have work you don't have any other way of making money, it's an instant way of money making.

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I've realized there are thousands of ways we can make money online,
we can earn money by writing articles,
we can earn money by watching videos,
we can earn money by creating videos,
we can earn money by sharing links,
we can earn money by being on camera,
we can earn money by playing games,
we can earn my installing software,
we can earn money by freelancing,
we can earn money by affiliate marketing,
and there are literally thousands of ways we can make money on the internet.

While there are thousands of ways to make money online people love a particular way of making money online. Steemians loves to blog and vlog they share their experiences and make money.

I've earned most of my money from Steemit, when I started,I wasn't aware about its potential. One of my post got upvote from whale @blocktrades and I earned $50 later on those $50 became $1000.

So I would say Steemit is best way to make money online. The second way to make money online is freelancing, by freelancing you can easily earn money, you can write blogs, you can create videos, you can manage social media, you can be virtual assistance, you can edit photos, you can take data entry jobs, everyone knows something and have some talent. We can use our knowledge and skill to earn some extra bucks.

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I know Steemians know many ways of making money online.

I would love to hear what's your best way of making money online?

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