Steemit can be cheated?

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It's has been long time I haven't blogged on Steemit. I was a Steemit addict but due to some other priorities and Cryptocurrency ban (in India) and I neglected it.

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I know Steemit is a great platform for increasing our reach, build follower-ship and earn cryptocurrency but I am worried about its future because there were many sites like Steemit where users could earn by blogging but these sites got shut because people were spamming and scamming.

Users were creating multiple accounts and spinning articles just to earn easy cash.

Everyone loves money and we are not different but I think genuine users who take efforts for content creation should be rewarded instead of people who are cheating it. There should be algorithms and systems which should work on these loopholes which and sinking the ship.

I don't want to invest my time and money on a platform which can turn into scam or because some people didn't use it properly people who were honest need to suffer.

I've few concerns regarding Steemit because I don't want to invest my time and money on a platform which can get shut anytime because few people didn't use it properly. So it is my genuine question to all Steemians - are there people who are cheating with Steemit?

Here are few of my concerns,

##1 - Steemit allows plagiarism

Steemit allows plafiarism because I've seen some articles which were posted on other platforms. I see anyone can spin an article and post it on Steemit it to make it look like a genuine article.

I am not sure on what parameters any article gets ranked on Google or on gets in trending. I see there are good quality content which don't land on Google or trending but lot of low quality articles getting ranked and trending, which is unfair.

I think content quality should be #1 priority to rank and trend an article.

##2 - Upvote farms

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There are like farms for Facebook likes and other social medias. People give likes for few cents or exchanges likes. These platforms can be easily found on search engines and social medias.

If there are upvote farms where people exchange upvotes then how can a genuine writer gets attention and reward he/she deserves.

Farms can destroy the whole Steemit community. There are no measures to check these kind of activities.

I am not against promoting articles on social media groups or discord channels but it should be for promotion purpose only. It shouldn't be about upvote for upvote.

##3 - Article length

Being a blogger, I know Google loves in-depth articles on a particular topic and the quality of content MATTERS. Content is king but on Steemit I don't see it matters. We can write few words about something and it can earn a lot of money, get in trending, rank on Google but if we write a quality article on any topic no one gives upvotes and all of our efforts get wasted.

##4 - Copyright and Trademarks

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I don't think Steemit cares about images people are using or music they are adding to their videos. I am not sure about and other media aspects but I am sure there are people who are spinning articles and posting on Steemit and gaining benefits from it.

Steemit should have strict policy for copyright, trademark and plagiarism. Any user or article which violate copyright rule should be under review and content shouldn't get published.

##5 - Celebrity Impostor

Anyone can create fake profile and promote it on Steemit to gain some extra exposure and increase number of followers. Anyone can pretend to be a well known popular person and then increase his/her number of followers and increase his/her earning and then transfer it to another accounts.

I've seen it on platforms like Tiktok where many people impostor celebrities and gain followers.

I am not against fan clubs because I know there are many people who love to shower love on their favorites through social media channels but everyone are aware about it.

So I want to know what Steemians think about this and how can we prevent this on Steemit. If we want to grow and encourage genuine talent on Steemit we have to take some precautions while upvoting and resteeming any article.

We should check whether the user is genuine or he is cheating Steemit system. We should encourage genuine users through our likes and resteems and commenting on their posts.

What do you think Steemians?


From your post it looks like you have been away for too long and a lot has changed.

Steem is not steemit. There are several frontends that can display the content that is stored on the steem blockchain. Steemit is just one of them. Possibly you are aware of this but since you keep mentioning steemit it doesn't seem like it. You can check most of the apps and blogging platforms on

Also it's worth checking which is a smart contract platform built on top of the steem blockchain. There you can find a market for different tokens that can be traded for steem as well as a description of what each one is used for.

As for your concerns keep in mind that steem is a descentralized network and is up for the users to combat plagiarism, vote farms and the like. Rest assured that there are alot of people helping to fight this every single day especially since the last upgrade with hardfork 21 it has become easier to do this and more difficult for abusers.

Steem is now much more than a blogging platform. You should check @steemitblog for the updates that have happened since you were away.

Have a great day!

Hey @onthewayout

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, it's been long time, I haven't used Steemit. I checked list of apps and services where we can earn various tokes and coins and exchange them for Steem or Steem power. Steemit has grown and there are plenty of platforms where we can earn Steem.

I think we all have got sources to earn Steem.

Now I am quite hopeful about Steemit future because there are tremendous opportunities for all of us and I am confident Steemit can conquer abusers and help content creators and investors.

Thanks again and Happy Steeming.

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