[AskSteem] What Determines SteemIt Reputation?

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Question #1: What determines SteemIt reputation and what is the end goal?


As related to the goal of AskSteem you can read here to get an understanding what we are going to do…

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Question #1: What determines SteemIt reputation and what is the end goal?

Answer #1: Your Steemit reputation is entirely determined by the amount of upvotes you receive from your peers here on the site. You will get positive reputation points for upvotes on your content and comments and get dinged negative reputation points when a user of higher reputation flags your content/comments. As for the end goal we are aiming to build up our reputation to 100 so we can help secure the STEEM network against plagurist and abusive users.



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so its all depends on the content

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What Determines Steemit reputation and what is the end goal?

This is quite simple and should be practiced by all.

Your contribution to the community by providing original and high value content. Consistently, generating a discussion or debate addressing issues and/or ideas to build a stronger foundation of a social community, like Steemit.

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What determines your reputation? A combination of things:

  • Accuracy of voting
  • Quality of content (based on steem power-adjusted votes)

Voting accuracy means - Do the posts you upvote often become popular? The more popular they become, the more it adds to your reputation. While accurate voting can get you some reputation points, it doesn't seem to have a significant impact on your score.

It seems you can get your score up to the 35-40 range with accurate voting, but if you want to get it much higher than that, you need to produce quality content. This content can be in the form of comments or blog posts. If you get upvotes from a couple big-time whales, that will push your score up into the high 40s or low 50s. If you get flagged by a whale, it will probably bring your score way down.

In order to get into the high 50s or 60s, you'll probably need several posts to reach the trending page. By this time you will have made well over $1,000. If you produce quality content consistently for a matter of months, you could possibly reach the high 60s. The highest reputation score on steemit currently is 72.

I see the end goal as attempting to make the most robust website as possible. If reputation scores accurately represent how much value individuals bring to the platform, it allows for: Weighted votes. It helps users to sort out what is likely quality content and what is likely garbage. It also helps to decrease instances of verbal abuse, system abuse, plagiarism, etc.

This is the goal, and if the mechanism doesn't quite hit the target, it will be adjusted and the results monitored. Steemit will not devolve into the trash that is Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

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Since your 'score' is 68 I take that as authoritative. As someone who has several times contemplated getting on board, only to be deterred by online scepticism, I'm beginning to be persuaded that good quality contributions really might be rewarded, and this business of reputation is a further piece in the jigsaw of how that would work. The problem is getting one's foot in the door, of course, and this I intend to do by commenting constructively before posting content needing time-consuming research. Thanks for the clear information, greatly appreciated by this tyro.

I think who determines is some sort of Wizard and the end goal, no one really knows... it's kind of a blurry mystery! ;)

Steemit reputation is determined by the number of upvotes and downvotes you get, and by amount of Steem Power that went into those upvotes and downvotes. A single vote from a whale can have dramatic effect on reputation score.

Reputation makes it easier to succeed as an author. Posts by reputable Steemians may get more visibility be taking prime positions in feeds, while those made by people with low rep scores tend to be hidden from view.

I was actually wondering the same thing. I didn't know if it was directly related to the amount of Steem power you had or other factors.

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The reputation number is only a percentage out of 100?

It is not like a level number that can go up forever?

Steem reputation is entirely depend upon upvotes and followers you get.

so if ihave 10 followers and 10 upvotes how much reputation will increase from 25

@techoverlords would be great to learn how you built up your steem rep so fast

I contribute in open source projects in utopian.io and i got upvoted from high ranking members and thats how my rep goes this fast even though i never imagined

I've just written this article concerning a flaw (as I see it) in the voting system and the solution I found. I'd be happy if you could read it and give me a feedback ;)


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steemit reputation = hardwork + dediction