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Steemit Has 300k Users!

That's an important milestone at just 17 months in!
At 12 months in, Twitter had 16k users.
At 2 years in, Twitter had 702k users.
At 3 years in, Twitter had 4.12m users.
From theses numbers and the speed with which Steemit is growing, I think it's safe to say that Steemit will continue widespread adoption and may even surpass Twitter's year two by March 2018 (Steemit's 2 year anniversary)!

Resteem, Upvote, Follow me on twitter! What do you think Steemit's user count will be in March 2018?

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I would like very much if Steemit will surpass Twiter .
Twiter had some good Ideas but bad in the same time like periscope and vine.
Periscope good to stream but bad because it shows your current location and vine very good but videos only 3-6 seconds long ( aprox) and it was discontinued.


Yes, I think steemit has the potential to avoid some of those pitfalls since development is so community driven. :)

Oh wow, what an interesting stat comparison!! Thanks for sharing...

I wonder if the steemit community could maintain integrity with that much growth....


What do you mean by "maintain integrity"? Do you mean the company may be selling out? Or do you mean that you expect a decline in the quality?


The quality of the community interactions, specifically

Wow, cool numbers. I didn't know how Twitter grew. Steemit looks like it could grow faster after 2 years. After 3 years is beyond my imagination: all or nothing or somewhere in between.


Yes, it should be an interesting journey! :)

Just followed up here and on twitter. Thanks for sharing this, totally possible Steemit will grow more than Twitter. I rather like real interest than ads and data sales as a way to monetize.


I agree, thanks for your support! :)

you are the first person i follow :)


Aww, Thank you!

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