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How YOU Can Cash In on the Major Shift in Video From TV in 2018 Before Anyone Else Does...

As Facebook Ads has continued to increase in price and now everyone and their mother is calling themselves a "Facebook expert"; I've looked at other ways to expand my services and my traffic sources online.

Whether it's local marketing; eCommerce; coaching; selling information online; you can't rely on just ONE source of traffic.

It's a death sentence to any business to do this.

But what's the next big thing and where should you spend your energy online?
Well; when I'm looking for traffic sources that convert and that are easy to implement; I do my research. I test it. I ask around. I find the experts and I check their results.

Personally; I'm looking to get traffic online the CHEAPEST and SMARTEST ways I can.

I have been spending months retooling and testing new online marketing strategies and attending seminars with some of the smartest marketers in the world. It costs me thousands and months of my own personal time for me to bring this to you; and it is well worth it!

Simply; I know what is working right now as of today and what is not working and I'd like to share that with you.
Youtube Ads have arrived! Youtube is no longer just cat videos. It has matured and it's now larger than traditional TV!

Local businesses will be begging you to run video ads ("commercials") on Youtube for them once they start seeing just how effective they are.

Best part is that there is almost NO ONE selling this in the local markets.

Everyone is selling Facebook, SEO, Adwords, but running commercials online?
Not so much.

What makes this even better is that most local businesses dream about being able to run "commercials" but most can't afford the cost of getting one up on TV.

They would love the chance to work with you and get their videos up on Youtube for the 1.3 billion people who are using it.

Right now in the local arena; Youtube can deliver PENNY clicks because there's ZERO competition.

When is the last time you saw a local commercial before watching a Youtube video?

I only saw three and it was during the recent election cycle here.

Youtube Ads are way easier to use than Facebook Ads or Adwords.

In fact; you only need a few minutes to master how to setup Youtube Ads for local businesses; which I will teach you in this program.

I've ran millions of dollars in advertising online on almost every platform.

I know from experience that this is the easiest and best opportunity to get into paid traffic that has existed since the early days of Adwords back in 2002.

This is the closest thing we can get to a gold rush.

Any ad that you run on Youtube Ads right now will work!

I have never ran an ad to date that was not profitable on Youtube.
I can't say the same on other platforms.

Right now; if you get inside my course; "Youtube Ads for Local" you have an opportunity to become THE expert in your local space and get 5 - 10 clients easily paying you monthly for simple Youtube Ad campaigns that only take a few minutes to setup.

Forget offering other complicated services to local businesses that require a ton more time, experience; skills, and expenses.

Forget offering websites, social media plans, or SEO and stop competing over price with 50 other "consultants."

Right now; you can brand yourself as the "online commercial" guy/gal who dominates in your local market and gets tons of referral clients just because NOBODY ELSE can do what you can do.

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