Can we have more possibilities to style our steemit pages, please?

in steemit •  2 years ago

▒▓▒▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ - .... please?

Would love to add interactive javascript code into my pages...

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What is this magic? You want to paint, outside of the lines? Tell me more. :P

I would also like to JS. But, I wonder if JS would become dangerous. I could, for instance, run a JS that could bind events to the upvote button, and have you upvote me, all day.

That is an awesome GIF BTW.


Hmmm... that would not be nice if that is possible indeed. I was just thinking from an artistic perspective. Currently we are so limited. Only images. Well... I know this is 'just' for blogs and stories... but still... I wonder if javascript is not possible, are there maybe other ways?


They 'could' allow CSS, so you would get the same thing as back in MySpace days. Every users post looks different, sometimes nauseating. I am not sure how I feel about this to be honest. Whilst the idea may sound like a good idea, at first, in the end, the place becomes so obscenely glitter GIF'd out and LOL CAT'd out that it could drive you insane.

I am going to be sitting on the fence on this one, for now. Until someone comes up with an elegant way to implement things.

One thought, would be to allow users to turn on/off customisation, as they so please. Perhaps that could be an idea.

In the meantime, have a fancy schmancy lil LOL cube...


Yep. I totally agree with you. I'm also not waiting for those epileptic inducing glitter pages, hahaha. Although you could get that same result already by filling your pages with animated gifs. Luckily until now people keep it reasonably calm in that respect. Maybe they can make it so that you see just an empty frame with only one button 'start'. By pressing that button the code inside starts running. Only inside that box. But I don't know if such a solution is feasible. We'll have to see.


Yea, that is an interesting idea re JS - user initiated etc, I think they would still have to be very careful/strict on what could be allowed via JS, only because there is monetary value built right into the UI.

With CSS, ability to turn on/off any CSS customization would be ideal.

Nice ideas.