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It's time to choose the winners from my 27th Steem Basic Shares Giveaway and I know I am a couple of hours early in announcing the winners but I am feeling really sleepy and I thought why not declare the winners before I go to bed. SO this time I kind of screwed up a little and forgot to use the tag #steembasicincome and I feel like that is the reason that only two people particip[ated in this Giveaway.

So congrats to both @chrisparis and @chrismadcboy2016 for winning this round of Steem Basic Share Giveaway and I hope you guys will also participate in my future Giveaways.


On another note, I will also like to draw your attention to a Delegation Program that I run where I offer 20x Upvotes of whatever someone delegates to me so if you are looking to get 20x out of your SteemPower you can contact me for the details.


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Cool Thanks !!! 👍

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Thank you @arunava