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By this time of the Day, I guess everyone now knows that @magicdice has Exit Scammed. Yesterday I found out a number of posts about the Magic Dice Exit Scam but I was waiting a Day before I could make my thoughts about that. First things first, the Magic Dice Website has completely vanished and is not connecting at all. I tried using VPN's to check if it was down for India but nope it is down for all.


Now there are a few things that are just not feeling right with me. Magic Dice was making a lot of Money with 60% of their Profits taken by themselves and the rest 40% was divided among the Token Holders. Plus not a lot of people were complaining about the Low Dividends so why did they suddenly decide that it was Time to Bail Out. They could have earned a lot of STEEM just by continuing the Service they were providing. I would say this was kind of a Dumb move by whoever was running Magic Dice.


With all that being said I have also heard some rumors that Magic Dice may have been taking more than 60% of the Profits and some people might have caught up to it. I don't know if this is True but this could be a Legit Reason for their Bailout. I guess they got Greedy and were not happy with the thousands of Dollars they were making per Day. Finally, I really feel sorry for all those people who lost a lot of Money in Magic Dice. I really hope there is a way to get back at least something.

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It is a pathetic situation. I hope that Karma catches up with whoever is responsible for this soon.

This really sucks and leaves a Bad Taste in my Mouth but the only Positive thing that we can take out of this is that we learned a lesson. From now on we will most certainly not entertain any New DAAP Devs who want to stay anonymous.

You're right about this. Anonymity was the bullshit that ruined everything with Magic Dice. Certainly, we are wiser now and know what exactly to do next time.