Splinterlands Rewards of the Day

in steemit •  18 days ago 


It is getting a little bit boring lately especially since all I have been getting are Gold Foil and Legendary Cards atleast one per day. I have 30 more Charges left in my Potions and I feel like once the potions end I won't even see a Rare Card in my Reward Chests. But fortunately, I do have plans to buy some more Potions once these run-out and I am in the process of collecting DEC.


Getting a +100% Gold Foil Potion costs around 25000 DEC while getting a +100% Legendary Card Potion costs around 20000 DEC so I am currently trying to accumulate that. Yes, guys this Time I will be buying 1 Legendary plus 1 Gold Foil Potion in the hopes that I get at least 1 Legendary Gold Foil Card.


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You got a 22.06% upvote from @spydo courtesy of @arunava! We offer 100% Payout and Curation. Thank you.

Hi @arunava! I was a winner of one of your SBI giveaways. I am interested in delegating a hundred Steem beginning some time tomorrow evening. I plan to increase my delegation over a period of time. Thank you for what you do!😎

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Sure you can delegate whenever you like just notify me once you delegate so that I can set you up on the Autovoter.

Hi @arunava! I just delegated 100 steem power to you. Thank you very much! I'll be delegating more next week. :)

Yes I saw that thanks for that. Currently I am at a place with a little low reception so I will include you in the Autovoter in about an hour when I leave this place.