Second Crowdfunding Experiment - Day 7

in steemit •  5 months ago

So Five Days ago I started my Second Crowdfunding in which I am raising some SBD's to Upgrade my PC. Although I do want to Upgrade my Entire PC I will do it in parts.


So if you have read my Previous Post you know that I am looking to Upgrade my Desktop one Component at a Time and as my First Component which was RAM was Upgraded now it's Time to go to the Next in line which is my Second Component an SSD.


My First Post is sitting around 20 USD Payout so I guess I will get around 9 SBD after Curation. My second Post is sitting at around 16 USD Post payouts which will give me approximately 7 SBD. My Third Post is at 20 USD Payout which will give me around 9 SBD. My Fourth Post is at around 22 USD which should give me around 10 SBD. My Fifth post is Sitting at 31 USD which should give me around 14 SBD. That makes the Total Earnings to 49 SBD and my Sixth Post is at around 30 USD which should give me around 13 SBD. So that should complete my Targett of 60 SBD but I believe I would need some extra SBD as SBD Prices are below 2 USD so I will be making another Post tomorrow.

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You are right, but see the positive of your experiment is about to end, and you are reaching your goal. which is to achieve the money you need.
and that good for you and the country where you live, here in Venezuela all the companies or businesses of technology are fleeing the country because of communism. I do not have that opportunity to update my equipment,


I just feel so angry when the People responsible for Protecting the Country ends up Destroying it.


You're making good progress bro. After making purchase of RAM what's next on your list?


RAM is already Purchased and added to my RIG.

This is for an SSD.

Here is my small contribution for your upgrade. Even though it is not that big i hope the rest will also join and help you out mate.


Thanks a lot @bescouted

Man it has been a long time since I visited your Blog.

I love your Shots especially the Black and White Pictures.

I will be supporting you as you just made into my Steemvoter List.

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