Riddle Time Prize 1 SBD

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So let's Lay Down some Rules First. As Rules are always Important.


  1. Upvote and Resteeming this Post is Mandatory.

  2. Winner will be selected on First come First Serve Basis. Whoever Answers first Wins.

  3. Plus I have two more Prizes for People's who would answer on my Lucky Numbers. Not going to Disclose those Numbers Though.

  4. No editing of Answers.

  5. First Prize gets 1 SBD Prize and the Lucky Number Winners would get 0.5 SBD as Prize provided they are able to Answer the Riddle Correctly.

  6. I will choose the Winners within 12 hours of Publishing this Post.



Riddle me This...

A man in a Car, sees a Door, a Gold Door, a Silver Door, and a Diamond Door. Which Door does he Opens First?


Hurry up Guys the Clock is Ticking.

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The door of the car !.

he open door of the heart.. lol

He opens the Gold door first

I said I will choose the fastest one to answer correctly so Upvoting your Own Comment won't help.

I just have to sort comments by Age.

Anyways stay tuned for the Answer.

@arunava ,a man open his mind to open car door. lol :p

His car door

the man opens a Door first (the a Door there could probably be his car door but the Riddle simply called it a Door)

Of course...he open the car door first...LOL

  ·  last year (edited)

He opens the silver door. Because it's his car door. Sorry if make mistake.

The door of his car

The car's door

The car door will be opened first.

He opens his car door first

He will open the Car door first

Wow you were very Fast.

I will declare the Results after 12 Hours so wait to see if you won.

  ·  last year (edited)

He Open his Car door first 😊

Hi! I'll try to win!
Have a nice day!

Well, jejeje, first he opens his car door. Later he opens the silver door, because he thinks, it's closer to his car and should be better for him.

His car door

He opens his garage´s gold door

I think the man saw four doors :
a Door, a Gold Door, a Silver Door, and a Diamond Door.
Not sure if the car has a door ( hahaha) so I will choose a Door

The man open a Door first,

He opens the door to his car first before he has access to other doors

He opens his car door first because he has to leave his car in order to open the other doors.

His car door!

The door of the car