PewDiePie is on Dlive

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As hard it is to say this but it's True PewDiePie who is the largest followed person on YouTube will now be streaming on Dlive. It's not like PewDiePie is going to stop Uploading content on Youtube he might do it both but nevertheless, it does suck that he is not on the STEEM Blockchain.


Truth be told I rarely watch PewDiePie but I do know who he is and his Popularity and Influence so I would have much rather hoped PewDiePie came to STEEM rather than Dlive whose track record is not that squeaky clean. I was going through Dtube and it seems many Dtubers tried to get PewDiePie's attention to the STEEM Blockchain but had little support behind them. Now I am not that big of a Twitter guy but in this case, I will try my level best to get PewDiePie's attention to the STEEM Blockchain.


Now there are also some people who are thinking PewDiePie is not needed for the STEEM Blockchain and my answer to that will be HELL NO. We need all the Media Coverage we can get and to be Honest PewDiePie might be the biggest Main Stream Exposure we could ever get. So if you are thinking we don't need Exposure than you are Dead wrong about that.


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I think absolutely the same!
Just made a similar post, normally I not post my post links in comments, hope it's ok for this time, just want to know your thoughts :

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