I'm Travelling Again

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So it has not even been 48 hours since I came back home and now it seems I have to go back out again.


Don't get me wrong I love travelling, but I also need some R&R for myself. Plus I already had some plans to go to some nearby hill station with some of my Friends. But the thing is I have to go as it's an Exam I have to attend.

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I will try to have fun while I an there but I like quiet places instead of huge gatherings and a lot of Noises. So let's see how things turn out for me this time.



Sometimes we will touch the priorities! Then there will be time to go out with friends :)

Yes I do know that this is a priority I just wished I knew about the task while I was already there in the City. Instead I came back Hone only to go back there again with two days rest.

कौन से हिल स्टेशन जा रहे हो अरुन भाई।

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Hill station Jane ka plan that part will an cancel ho gaya ab Kolkata Jana parega

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

happy jounery love to see you soon...

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