Acting as a Proxy for my Dad

in steemit •  19 days ago


In about an hour or so I will be entering a Hall full of people I don't know. It will be a little awkward for me but I have to do the job I was handed. My Dad got two invitations one for a Seminar and another for a Lunch Invitation as a get-together of Dad's Colleagues. Since my Dad can't be at two places at once here I am acting as a Proxy for my Dad.

DQmfXyKGbYSEWzkriJ7jHPQ36TDV1CTrGgZSBcBjveo32jz_1680x8400 (1).png

I have never done this so o am just guessing I will have to apologise to some of them and then do some small talk with them. I asked my Dad to call them and say that you were busy but apparently cancelling wasn't an Option. See you guys on the other side.


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