World Cup Special Upvote Giveaway(Valid untill Match Starts)

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In about Half an Hour we are going to Kick off Argentina and Croatia Football Match. So I thought why not make a Small Contest out of this. So lets lay down some Rules.


Rules to Follow

1. First and Foremost you must Upvote and Resteem my Post to Qualify.

2. Comment down the name of the Team which you think will win Today with a Final Score.

3. If you get the Team right you get a 1% Upvote on your Comment, but if you get both the Team and the Score right than you get a 3% Upvote on your Comment.

4. If you think the Match will be a Tie then comment Tie and you will get a 2% Upvote on your Comment.

5. Submissions will be taken until the Match starts. Once the Match starts there will be no Submissions taken. Do not Edit your Comment as if you do you will be instantly Disqualified no matter the Reason.


PS: I am having some Power Cut Issues so I will be Upvoting the Winners in the Morning.

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Croatia 1 : 0

Argentina gana 1-0

Argentina 2 - 1 Croatia

Argentina 2 Croatia 0

Argentina 3-1 Croatia

Argentina wins...Argentina 1 : Croatia 0


Argentina 2-0 Croatia

Argentina 2 - 1

Argentina-Croatia: 1-0

Argentina win 2-1

Argentina 3 - 1 Croatia

Argentina 1-1 Croatia

win Argentina 3-1 Croatia

You got a 4.58% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @arunava!

1 - 1 Tie

Argentina 2-1 Croacia

It is gonna be a tie..Argentin 0 : 0 Croatia

Argentina 2 - Croatia 1

Argentina wins, Final Score: Argentina 1-0 Croatia

Argentina 3-0

Argentina 3 - 1 Croatia

You are the last entry


Argentina 2 - 0 croacia

Argentina 2 Croacia 1

Argentina 0 - 1 Croatia