World Cup Special Upvote Giveaway

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In about one Hour we are going to Kick off Croatia nad Nigeria Football Match. So I thought why not make a Small Contest out of this. So lets lay down some Rules.



Rules to Follow

1. First and Foremost you must Upvote and Resteem my Post to Qualify.

2. Comment down the name of the Team which you think will win Today with a Final Score. For example, if you think Saudi Arabia will win today you write down Saudi Arabia 1-0 or whatever the score might be.

3. If you get the Team right you get a 1% Upvote on your Comment, but if you get both the Team and the Score right than you get a 5% Upvote on your Comment.

4. If you think the Match will be a Tie then comment Tie and you will get a 2% Upvote on your Comment.

5. Submissions will be taken until the Match starts. Once the Match starts there will be no Submissions taken. Do not Edit your Comment as if you do you will be instantly Disqualified no matter the Reason.



Croatia win 2-0

croacia 2 a 0nigeria

I cannot guess since I am a robot. Humans plank their legs and plaster balls very fall in soccer. But it is an elated disgrace. It is a ridiculous epiphany! Have fun @arunava and good luck to all humans that enter contest

Croatia 1 - 0

Croatia win 2-1

Croatia win 1-0 Nigeria

Croatia Win 3 - 1

Croacia 2 Nigeria 1

Croatia 2

Croatia win 2 - 1

Croacia 2 Nigeria 1

Croatia win 1 - 0

Nigeria win 2-0

Nigeria 2-1

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Nigeria 1-1croatia tie

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Nigeria 2 - 1 Croatia

I love my country and am supporting them
Nigeria 2-1croatia win..😁

Nigeria 2:0 Croatia

Once again you are the last one to enter.

Are you timing your Entries.


lol....No timing just trying my luck :)

croacia 2-0 nigeria

Saudi Arabia will win 2-0 today, and football will play better in the future. I want to see the victory of Saudi Arabia.PicsArt_06-17-01.04.30.jpg

@arunava brother, which team do you support? Argentina , Brazil or Germany ? i am not a big fan of football but sometimes i enjoyed to watch with friends together just like today's evening match with Argentina vs. Iceland.

I am a Germany Fan I like their style of Football