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It seems it's becoming more and more convoluted. How many hardforks have taken place since I've been gone? I'll even ask this question again: why is steem a blockchain? It's so centralized and easily manipulated, why not just make it a normal, centralized website, like any other? Then no need for hardforks and Steemit Inc can fulfill it's dream of becoming a social media conglomerate with unlimited censorship powers.


That is basically what just happened when Justin Sun (Tron) bought steemit Inc. Then after a bunch of arguing between witnesses and Sun they forked off leaving Suns 70 million of (mostly ninja mined) steem behind.. Now hives price is double steems price.. I mean its still an oligarchy but its more decentralized than it was on steemit.

Wow. Thanks for the explanation. But I'm still confused. See, if you look through my history you will see that all my posts are $0.00 (except this one!). This is because themarkymark was downvoting me. I was also then put on 2 blacklists. So I quit steemit 2 weeks ago. I come back to check my powerdown to find that I'm no longer on a blacklist and markymark is no longer downvoting me and there's all these new features. Also, when I visit themarkymark's profile it shows ZERO posts, like he's never posted before. Is this a new feature? Like am I just "blocked" and not "blacklisted" anymore? I knew about Justin Sun's purchase of Steemit Inc, and I kind of heard about the arguing but I know nothing about this "Hive" you speak of. How can I learn more about this? So we are speaking on Steemit, no? Hive is another website? So if I were to go check out my "profile" on hive I would still be blacklisted? I would still have to deal with themarkymark? Am I to understand that Justin Sun FIXED some of the problems with Steemit? And the witnesses didn't want to lose the DICTATORIAL power they had so they took their oligarchy to a new blockchain via hardfork? I've got a lot of mixed emotions about this right now. I mean, even if hive's price is twice that of steem, what good is hive if it's still run by the same witnesses? Those witnesses are EXACTLY what was wrong in the first place. And the price of steem and hive both (just checked) seem to be pumping and dumping. Not natural at all. So I wouldn't look at the current price as a honest indicator of value.

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