How do you do?

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What are you doing in your life? What interests you most? What impact is it having on you? What would you like to know more about?


When we land on a post, how do we relate to that post? How do we comment?

Beautiful butterflies not only suck up nectar, they distribute the pollen!!

Building friendships:

Comments can build common interests. The more we know and understand each other, the more we can relate and build on that friendship.  

  • So keep in mind, the way you write your comments and how they have impact on others.  
  • And consider the author of the post: Give them a reason, so they can easily reply to your comments. 

Not only, just that you LIKED a post, 

And not repeating word-for-word statements. But making in-depth comprehensive original comments, that show your intelligence and on how you read and related to the post. 

Also what you felt… actually helped you or was of interest to you: 

  • What was so profound about the post? And say how you intend to use it in future. 
  • Was there something you would like to know more about the topic? 
  • Remember we are talented in different ways, thus our experience could supply another facet to the topic.  
  • So if you know something about the topic that isn’t supplied in the post, please add your input. It builds on the topic and perhaps adds a missing important piece of info to the topic. 

You are an important person,

And your comments count! 

The author of the post (and we’re all authors of our own sites) need to know what interest people most, so they can continue to supply what people like.  

  • Don’t be shy to say what hobbies you have. And perhaps what technics you would like to improve on or know more about that hobby?  
  • Maybe someone out there will answer your comment and supply a solution to your request, besides the author of the post. 
  • What is your greatest desire to know about? Something that would make a difference to your life?  
  • What do you dream about of doing one day? Do you want to know how to achieve that? 
  • What do you think is holding you back from getting it? Is it your circumstances or a lack of some sort? And want to know how to overcome it? 
  • What do you like doing in your leisure time? Is it related to the topic? 

This exercise is like getting to know yourself too! What makes you tick, fires you up personally, motivates you most, that gets you really excited? Maybe you could write more on those topics yourself, in your own blogs. 

Not only that … 

Know what DOESN’T interest you?

When you read and see things on the internet: 

  • What turns you off? Why does it aggravate you? 
  • What topics don’t interest you at all? 
  • What do you avoid like the plague? What makes you squirm and makes you feel uncomfortable? 

Consider maybe other people don’t like those things either and would like to agree with you! 

Showing interest in posts:

  • Having interest in other people’s posts `opens doors’ to you. You could learn a lot of things you didn’t know before. 
  • When you show interest in other people and what their talents are, you build friendships (and followers). 
  • And knowing what interests people, you can relate more effectively. 
  • Friendly and good constructed comments build Steemit’s community.  
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I mostly like to travel in the nature


You like wildlife adventures the most? But what gives you the trills in those adventures? The story or the pictures? Or both?


Both 😀

Friendship building is so important for a man life.but sometimes we are not to done this easy task so we are fallen with depression . By the if you want make yourself is a great Person you should make a good friendship Without shy.

One proverb is "friends is need every man indeed"

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Hi. My aunt used to say, "A friend in need, is a friend indeed!"
And when we see a friend that needs help, what do we do? We are quick to help. And because we helped, our friendship grows even stronger than it was before.
So friendly helpful uplifting comments are always welcome.


Yes mam you are right and i always inspired read your blog.and learn new things from your every post.

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What a great photos


Thank you. But what interested you the most in this plot? Get what I mean?

Very fantastic writing


Thank you. But what did you find in the post that was helpful to you? Get what I mean?

Hi, @artguru.
Very thought provoking post, as always. You are basically asking Steemians to be human, honest and generous.
That may demand more than most are willing to give.
Some people are too busy for engagement or too obsessed with profit as to care too much about reciprocating.

Beautiful butterflies not only suck up nectar, they distribute the pollen!!

The very title of your post grabbed my attention. It sounded so candid, so legitimately interested.
I think we all want to be heard and liked, but most fear rejection. That would explain people's tendency to create alter egos on line.
Steemit is not different from other social networks in that respect, especially considering that our being liked or not will have economic repercussions.
What are you doing in your life?
As of right now, I am trying to survive and keep my sanity. Not the best position when you have turned 45 and have children who depend on you. At 45 most Venezuelans 20 years ago were preparing for retirement. That meant a lot of good things then. Not anymore. Now, we prepare to migrate, to start from scratch, to go through indignities we never lived as young and have to overcome when our energy and physical powers are not at their fullest.
What interests you most?
Literature, what it can do for people and why it is rejected or avoided.
What impact is it having on you?
I feel ambivalent about it. The study of literature has allowed me to see life and people passionately but at the same time with certain detachment resulting from a certain sense of pessimism derived from the very insights we get while studying it.
What would you like to know more about?
So many things. Especially out of my field. Things that will probably help me reinvent myself and find alternative ways of making a living or alternative, less fatalistic, ways of seeing the world.


You quite right most of people leaving comments never give a dam about what the post was really about. Even here today, a lot are just giving short comments, just the usual!!
Wow! You were the only one who took a second thought on that butterfly' statement. How many actually thought about spreading goodpollen' tiding of great joy? Spread the news, re-steem, etc!
And you really thought about all those questions. I'm going to write about those topics in future. So stick around and see what I come up with.


I will. Thanks.

Friendship is a big part of life. Life is nothing without friendship.


We certainly need each other. That is why, the way we write our comments are so important.

Good news! Likewise vice versa @artguru. I think, this is the most beautiful afternoon, can enjoy your post again after some time has passed to absorb important ideas from your posts that are always creative and inspiring. Thank you very much @artguru.


Does that mean you print out and file my blogs? So you can read them again, just in case there was something you missed the first time round you read it.
As time goes on we learn from our experiences, and after awhile get to a level of understanding, that we start to understand things more, when we hear or read something. Then we are more likely to have a WOW idea moment! You say to yourself, "Gosh, I always knew that, but now it seems to have such a powerful impact on me!"

Commenting directly here is the true exercise right after read your article well its interesting and challenged me if i'll make a nice reply and comment about the topic or not, exactly i am reading coming to your blog these days found out almost comprehensive great tips to write in a excellent way here, thank you for that @artguru


Oh, it's good to be challenged. It means pushing yourself beyond your usual abilities, and that's when you really learn things and grow from strength to strength. Always swimming in small pool, the fish stays small. But if that fish swims down to the sea, their whole world opens up for them!

great post my dear frend @artguru
And wonderful writing


Thank you. But what was in the plot that made such an impact on you? Get what I mean? Saying more than, that you liked it.

Still study.And spend good happy life with family and friends.Both are more important in our life.Life is nothing without friends.Friends are more important in our life.Make fun with friends.Daily going anywhere with enjoying.Really great post.Thanks for @artguru.


The more friends you make, the more interesting things you do because of them.

Basically, my friends are really popular and I want to be too I try to hang out with them but I get rejected and feel unwanted and there's this other girl who thinks we r best friends but she is really mean to other people except me I want to be popular but all the boys like all the girls except me how can I fit in. I know they like me because the most popular girls text me and we r good friends but at school I don't know where to stand or what to do to be "cool" HELP PLEASE I really want to be popular and my best friend is and she wants me to be popular I just don't know how HELP.....!!!!


I think been popular isn't so important as been a kind person. And you don't have to be good looking. But to youth it seems important.
What makes a person popular is been an interesting confident person. That means knowing your own worth without boasting.
Don't do all the talking and `hold the floor'. Be a good listener, and give honest praise to those who have talented skills. That mean observing what they do, for something you can give praise on. People appreciate your interest in them.

Don't talk on and on, or be boring. Know what you're talking about and make it interesting, without been a `know it all, clever Dick'.
Been interesting, is doing fascinating things that others would like to do. All the while set good behaviour examples. And saying things no one else knows about or have heard before.
Like a newspaper, first give it a headline before you start, so people know what to expect. Express it with enthusiasm, and tell it somewhat like it was a story. Add interesting facts or leave the punchline till last.
And people will think you a show-off if you speak too long. Keep what you have to say as short as possible. Remember fame isn't all about you!

however my mother did everything to insure I had no friends. Thankfully I had one. He was my best friend but unfortunately not so much these days. But I needed him, without him I would be an insecure mess too afraid to do anything at all.

Steem on,,!


Thanks a strange thing for a mother to try stop you having friends! But I'm sure you made friends when she wasn't around or looking.
I had a best friend when I was at school, but one day I found she wasn't such a good friend after all. Since then, I've learnt people aren't perfect, we all have human failings, just like me!

Good job! You wrote really amazing. Thanks for the question. Basically, I'm working on a private company. Besides, there are photography often in the hobby. I am most interested in photography and art. However, photography has influenced you. In my opinion, the need for Friendships building is 'Belief'. For the first time, I visited your blog.
Thanks, Your blog is really awesome.


You are welcome here. My travel blog series include photography and art. I insert paintings (in my travel blogs)of the places I go to. Had a series on New Zealand and now the Kruger national park, so you may enjoy those too, if you check out the listing at my @artguru site.


Thank you for giving this opportunity! I've checked your site, a great exception to some art and photography. It's really outstanding creativity

Your writings are hidden in some kind of beautiful writing that help us learn new things


Aaah. So you felt something was hidden within the post? What was that? What was that `gem' of info?

Yes, we should know that true friendship never end. As a friend who always stay with us.
Friends should always be careful about selection. Because the bad man's nature is always bad. It is foolish to wish for a better life. There is a possibility of danger from him. For this, we should be friends with good people.

Thank you very much dear @artguru for your valuable suggestion.


To be able to select good friends, you have to observe their behaviour patterns carefully. But that doesn't stop us from having friendly manners with everyone.

For a person to survive, such as light, air, water, oxygen, there is a need for friends too. Some people can not live alone. Everyone needs help or someone else in every step or step. And he needs a good man. Because we all know that 'live heaven with honesty and ruin with evil'.
So we must be careful about the friend selection
Thank you very much for your good suggestion.


Thanks for your friendship.
We may all need friends, but some people don't go out of their way to be friendly, then wonder why they don't have friends or followers.

An excellent post it is!
Not only your idea but your composition of these useful information provided, can be rarely find out.
That's why I love your blogs because I can learn very much from them, & which made you a teacher of mine. And I can proudly say that I'm your student in learning how to write.
Thank you for every lesson!


Thank you for your kind words. And it's a joy to share with you.


It's always a pleasure!

great writing and very very nice draw
great post @artguru!

Gret article mam...
Thanks for sharing your experience & thoughts
Have a good day...
Thanks again...

What a great photos

What a great photos

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Friendship is a very cute feeling Good friends can make your life para

Good writing and nice art.

Wow..Lovely art. Beautiful writing about friendship. I liked it.

Hi mem. How are you? miss you

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