MartBako Unintentional Promotion #3 Prank for Steemit!!!

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

It is another #unintentionalpromotion (kind of intentional) for @steemit and @dtube! Hope you will enjoy it!

For this video my special Thanks goes to @minigunner! Thank you for being a walking bilboard for @steemit. Keep up the good work!

Do not Dream it - Steemit

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Lol I love the motto, think I'll begin using that🙂

Sure, it is motivating too!

haha really nice way to promote steemit guys. Good job for the prank!

Yeah. Most brilliant thoughts come out of nowhere! Thanks for support.

Do not dream it - steemit!

Great! I have to ask -Did @minigunner really not know?

Hahahaha :D I know the name @maneki-neko but I have no idea what happened :D I just froze :D

No. We scripted it i like two minutes. My phone was on a candle holder which was holding a book and the with piece of wax i made a roght angle lol

What kind of name You are talking about haha

hahahahahahahahahaaha oh man!!!! I love it brother!!! I really want to collab with you guys! God damn!!

Winny out...for now ;)

Soon Mr Winny, very SOON!

So funny. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of this clearly, well-planned prank :P

Looking forward to seeing more @artakush! I'm digging the vibe you're throwing down here brother!

That is why we are here and that is why we welcome you to @dtubedaily community. We see you as equal and together we will CONQUER ZE WORLD! MuHahaha! Much appreciated @axios !

Hahahaha. Can't get enough of you guys.

Can't wait to do more pranks :D this time it's @artakush turn :D

Need to start a live show like "Eric Andre show" haha

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Hhhaaha nice man!

Thanks. We really like to do these weird funny crazy videos. And it is perfect way to promote @steemit, next one for @dtube!

Hahaha. Nice one.

Thanks trying to be valueble and funny!

The things we do for the #steemit #community :D

I think we are made for THIS !

ehehehh You guys are crazy LOL back in my mind I am hopping this is a fake one because poor @minigunner if it was for real eheheh

We try to make it as real as possible. But it was scripted :p

Ahhhh ufffff i feel better for him in that case ehehehe

I guess that if not personal experience then others we will make a sketch video :)

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Keep up the promotion guys!

Thank you sir! That goes vice versa :P

lmao you got eeem hahaha. (Do not Dream it - Steemit) straight #facts

Laying down the fundaments!

Awesome, guys! Loved it.

Great to hear @drkent! Hope it brought a smile on your face ;)

GOT EM! This is giving me some ideas....

As long as we can help :P

You guys are hilarious! Haha I actually want you to come to the uk just to prank me. We’d have a blast!

Noticed and recorded in my agenda. Be careful ehat yiu wish fir @tim.clarke :p Just talked about it with @adetorrent too!

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