Top 5 reasons Weku will Dominate Social Media

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Hello Steemians
Today I am very excited to share top reasons for weku to be the best and dominated one.

1: Easy to Use
Everyone can use this site like all the social media sites but this site pays you money for your blogs. So this is the first reason people will join it fast.

2: 100 Weku Reward
Unlike steemit, Weku is giving everyone 100 weku for signing up bonus. So this is making people join this site very fast. A big thanks to @alexey04 for doing this.

3: Fair Rewards
Here if a post is good, it is upvoted by @weku-team @zeal @alexey04 so that post is rewarded fairly.

4: No Investments
This is the reason I love weku the most. Unlike steemit where I spent 1 year and got 92 sp until now. Here I got 100 weku free of cost and I am earning from it.
5: No Bots
Everyone is real here so I don't need to worry about a bot flagging my post and not understanding my reasons. The real people upvote a post and that's good.

Thanks everyone for reading my content. I want you to upvote and reweku this post and if you have anything to ask. I am available in the comments section.

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I wonder how many users has WEKU and how is it popular comparing to Steemit.