"Predict The STEEM Price" Contest - 15+ SBD In Prize Pool - Winner Takes It All

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Welcome to the "Predict The STEEM Price" contest. The contest is once or twice pr. week, and you don't have to do a damn thing to take part other than trying to guess what the STEEM price will be at a given time. If you want to take part. Keep reading. Remember..The more upvotes, the greater the prize pool!

kl 12.PNG

Thank you to everyone who participated!

@licklake 0.97-1.02 $
@sprerku 1.18-1.23 $
@benjamincollier 1.21-1.26 $
@nextgen622 1.15-1.20 $
@bloomberg215 1.17-1.22 $
@rafadezelanda 1.41-1.46 $
@akrid 1.14-1.19 $
@akkha 1.25-1.30 $
@aashishkandel 1.20-1.25 $
@the23chronicles 1.11-1.16 $
@jennswall 1.18-1.23 $
@soundlegion 1.12-1.17 $
@cebymaster 1.08-1.13 $
@bbkoopsta 1.05-1.10 $
@lepton 1.07-1.12 $
@sevinwilson 1.19-1.24 $
@casperbd 1.30-1.35 $
@srtiyea 1.25-1.30
@bloomberg215 1.27-1.32 $
@suzy1st 1.35-1.40 $
@bloodycritique 1.32-1.37 $

Unfortunately no one guessed that STEEM would be even closer to the moon than ever. The Prize pool will therefore be transferred to next round!


@timoshey - FIRST ROUND
@bibek - FIRST ROUND
@cryptoeconomics FIRST ROUND
@theswede FIRST ROUND
@malonmar FIRST ROUND
@soundlegion SECOND ROUND


You see how this quote fits Steemit?

Predict The Price of STEEM

With the market going up and down like a rollarcoaster ride I thought it would be funny to make a game about it.

No further introduction is needed, so let's get started.

Rules (NEW RULES!)

  1. Predict the price of STEEM within a 5 cent range (example..Prediction: 1.20-1.25)
  2. The prediction must be in US$
  3. Only one prediction pr. user.
  4. The Prediction is open for 24 hours
  5. If nobody wins, the prize pool will continue to the next round.
  6. If several users win, they will split.
  7. The Price Pool will increase with more upvotes, making it more fun.
  8. Winner takes it all. No mercy.
    Most important! We are predicting the price of STEEM as it will be at June 11 . at 12 PM according to the central summer european time according to coinmarketcap.com

The Prize Pool

The Prize pool will start at 10 STEEM, and depending on the payout of this post it will increase. So far the prize pools have been 11 and 20 STEEM

The Prize pool for this round will be at 13 STEEM


let the game.gif

Upvote, resteem and follow for better prize pool and updates!


$2.97-$3.02 I love this game

You made it just in time! ;) Feel free to resteem :) Thank you for loving this game!


$1.20 to $1.15

$3.00 to 3.05

$5.45 - 5.50

That's how the crypto world is.


2.79 - 2.84...this is so cool!

Sorry. Too late. But I will remember you for the next round :)


@arsenal49 are you going through these manually? And would it help to have a standardized format built into the rules so you can just copy/paste or parse it easier? Just a thought.

I just copy paste all the predictions into a document :)



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