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Are We Scared of Resteeming?

I was just thinking about this. I have seen a lot of people who hasn't resteem anything. Maybe not anything, but they almost never resteem. Why? What are we afraid of? That it will ruin our feed? That we will lose one out of 945 followers? That somebody will earn more money than you would? Why?

Resteeming and Steemit

Resteem can mean a lot of things: That something was funny, that something needed more attention, that someone needed support, that something was interesting.

When you resteem you are basically saying to everybody else: I liked that post, maybe you will aswell

On Steemit we are supposed to support eachother. That's why we upvote. We are saying: Here! Take some money that I have no idea where came from!
On steemit we are supposed to support eachother. That why we resteem. We are saying: Here! I shared this so you can have some money from other people that have no idea where they came from

But most important

By resteeming we are rewarding the author. We are thanking him/her for the time they spent on writing that specific article. We are rewarding with money by upvoting. We are rewarding with love and respect by commenting. We are rewarding with everything we can give by resteeming.

When we resteem we are rewarding the author, while supporting the life of this community.

I am not saying you should resteem everything you see. Neither do I. I probably resteem 5 post a week. I made this post to inspire myself to resteem some more.

An inspiration to us all must be @craig-grant , @andrarchy and @fyrstikken Just to mention a few.

Check them out. They resteem like it was their life. Love it!

Thanks for reading!

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I curate all day so resteeming good undervalued posts really helps me out. - Appreciate it when you guys do that.

Yes wow! You have no posts? How come?

Some people are invested in the success of others.

Huge respect for that!

@thejohafiles I'm new to steemit... Hi , since you don't blog your making your steem power and dollars just by comments? Also do you know if re-steeming you loose value in your steem power and dollars?

I have to say, I've never been keen on resteeming and remember back to the old days when it didn't exist. As a rough rule of thumb I avoid following anyone who does a lot of resteeming, because I want to decide who to follow and just see their posts.

I do have a few exceptions, but they are exceptional curators. Otherwise I think resteeming is massively overused, by many people.

Thank you for replying. I don't think we should resteem all the time, but I don't see once pr day being a problem, if it fits what you also are writing about :) Anyway. It's nice to have some discussions going on :)

I think as a rough rule of thumb once a day would be fine, but there are people who resteem 10 in a row, and that I'm not keen on...

Agree! :)

Valuable info, it will encourage us to resteem more and make the community more lively. Resteemed this post... you're a good influencer :)

Thank you very much! I appreciate it! :)

Good post @arsenal49! Up-voted, followed and, of course ;) re-steemed

Thanks a lot! Followed back :)

You have started an interesting topic. I guess uneasiness stems from the fact that with a few resteems on a Steemit page, you cover your original posts, and people do not like to do that. has that solved through the separate resteem tag, and maybe that should be introduced into Steemit API.

Upvote & resteem for you.

Thank you for commenting. That's very true, unless you post A LOT! I have to check out and see what they are up to.

I like to re-steem, but it would be nice if you could on steemit be able to say why you re-steemed, similar to what you can do on Facebook. Just to let folks know why your re-steemed and to better direct your followers that might be interested in that particular post.

I think it will be a possibility in a few months time :)

That is my thought, too, @da-dawn :)

Additionally, resteeming something you have upvoted could also boost your curation reward especially if you have a large following. So it doesn't really need to be a selfless act either.

Very true! Very good point!

I'm sorry I'm just seeing this now! Great post and thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it

You're welcome! :) Thank you for the resteems. I appreciate it!

@abcdoctor got the message and resteemed the post.

Thank you very much for showing your support!

This makes sense to me. Resteemed.

Thanks buddy! Appreciate it!

Gosh, I can see myself in the mirror on this post - I hardly ever resteem anything. I guess I have some fears that an author that I resteem will write something I totally disagree with at some future point or something. You have convinced me to stop worrying so much about things and just have more fun. Resteemed your post. :)

Thank you! You just have to be "careful" and only resteem the post you agree upon :)

This post is on point! Resteemed it and followed you.

Thanks mate! I appreciate it! :)

I wish the resteeming function would let me add, why I shared it. So people would know that I thought it was really funny, what I have learned from this post,..

Yes, that would be pretty cool feature!

Yup Great point so I decided to resteem this post! :)

Thanks! I'm glad you agreed ;)

The whole mechanism of voting with a % of power and resteeming should be explained in detail somewhere in the official documentation. That would help a lot.

excellent point. thank you for raising my awareness. done, done and Done!

Thanks, Thanks and thanks! I really appreciate it! Love your username!

I don't resteem all the time, I try to use it selectively. I would love if you could add a tag to say why you are resteeming. Kind of like on twitter.

Yes, another one had the exact same point of view, and I totally agree!

Really good points. And it's in everyones interest to resteem good content because it helps the cream rise to the top and essentially adds value to the whole website, and in turn, STEEM. We are all investors, contributors, editors.

Very true. I think we need posts that are not related to crypto to gain more upvotes, resteem etc. For people that come to steemit and see the trending page might not be as interested if it's only crypto news where the payout are huge.

Agreed. The front page should be full of all sorts of interesting content, not just crypto stuff. I imagine things will improve in that regard when cohesive communities are better formed through Steemit updates.

Yes, think so too. I also think that should be able to follow certain tags. So you will have two home pages. One with tags and one with followers. The tag one will only show the hot and trending one, to make it more enjoyable. Sometimes people write some weird stuff about health and then they tag crypto and steem in it. It annoys me, but people have to learn. :)

Upvoted and resteemed!

I wrote a similar thing about 'likes' on F***book a few years ago. If you like something: 'like' it! It makes everyone feel better.

Very true. I think it is more valuable on steemit to upvote and like stuff, because there is a lot of original posts around. A resteem can mean the world for a new user!

OMG I can't resteem this! Too old. Sorry. I fully agree though :)

I do agree that we should resteem to support the community. I use to be a non/very occasional resteemer. Then I noticed one of the most successful Steemians( @stellabelle ) has a feed full of resteems. Nice [email protected]

Thank you! I will check out @stellabelle :)

You will like her! Enjoy. And you made a very good argument for resteeming !

Hello again @arsenal49 - this post has been up-voted, resteemed and...

You're Welcome Leo.jpg

Thank you, and thank you Leo! I appreciate the upvote and resteem! :)

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Spreadin' that steemlove!

I love Resteeming and don't understand why more people don't make use of this valuable tool.

Good point! I have resteemed your post!

You're the champ!

If you like the content and it fits what your followers will like, then i think you should definitely resteem. That's what i try to do anyway :)

I agree! Sometimes I resteem other things aswell, just to support the user:)

Resteemed and upvoted of course!

Can I get an AMEN?! Or a follow ? :D

Really liked your post. Upvoted, resteemed and following you. Feel free to follow me if you want to. Take care.

I am following you dimitrya - you seem like a nice person. SK.

5 to 10 a week is what I do, or at least try.

Steem on!

I think that a solid number of resteems, keep it up!

It lost me.
I unfollow anyone who constantly resteems.

I was wondering why I got an unfollow yesterday. I have been resteeming lately but I am very selective in the content I am resteeming.

nothing personal...
EXACTLY nothing personal. Until now I haven't interacted with you on a PERSONAL level. You could have been a bot for all I knew. When I signed up I 'followed' everyone I could in the mistaken idea that I needed as many people as possible in my news feed. (Steemit doesn't come with a user's manual)...

I'm trying to re arrange that now. The only folks on my feed (those I follow) will be those I have had some interaction with and have a 'feel' for.


The same happened with me. I am planning a small purge of dead accounts in the coming days too.

Love your work by the way.

those of us that appreciate well thought out content DO NOT mind resteem'd articles. It is how we learn and grow and learn some MORE.

awww yeah suckah!