Day Trip-"Castaic Lake, CA"

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A photo I saw on steemit taken by @adriansky (see link below) of an eagle landing in a lake, inspired me to go and be with nature.

Took a 40 minut drive to Castaic Lake.

I arrived around 5:30 AM to capture the sunrise.

The lake is pretty big, there is a lower and upper lake.

First, I went to the north side of the upper lake to catch me a Largemouth Bass. With nothing biting, I took the advice of a local man and went to the west side of the upper lake.

I drove about 2 miles around the lake and captured proof of California's drought.

Still looks beautiful. Im not worried, we received plenty of rain this year, so far.

The west side of upper lake was just amazing.

Caught some shade...

Look like Crows to me.

Lots of fish in the water, but nobody was catching.

At the end of it all...I caught a nice shot of a fish and some shade. Maybe nextime I'll go for shad not shade.

Thank you for reading.

Link to @adriansky

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Wow amazing place so beautiful lake . i really like your photograph and content .
I am inspire of this beauty of lake now i want to go on a lake and i want to spent some time on it.


Thank you for looking at my old posts:)


My pleasure


My pleasure

It is a beautiful lake. And wonderful photos ♪
I am posting the scenery of Japan so please do a peek at it.


Thank you for looking at my post. Followed.

@armen nim
This place is really pretty.
I want be there someday. :)


It really is, I wish it wasn't as dry. Im sure you will sooner than you think. Thank you.

Nice, profile picture too :D

Wow man you killed this looked like a fun trip, great work brotha!
Also thanks for the kind words that meant allot this whole community is full of inspiration steeming up!


Thank you, since I got the Galaxy S8 I can't stop taking pictures. Your photos are truly amazing. Steemup, Steemit and Curate. Thanks for the resteem.


Thanks for the RS

An exciting photos!


Thank you, followed✔

The place is very beautiful!


Thank you

Good post. Thanks for the link


Thank you

great photos!

anyone reading, please take a moment and check out my photo blog as well. thanks!

great work. upvote and following you

these are all beautiful, except for that last one, that last one is scary lol jk ;)


Thank you.

Last time i was there was 1981. Great shots, Thanks for the flashback.

Looks like a really serene and scenic spot to fish....too bad they weren't biting! Following!

Wonderful place and nice pictures


Thank you

Beautiful photos I love California I will follow you