When Someone Steals Your Steemit Password - WARNING

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Hallo steemian, have a good day
I made this post when I saw the post from @reggaemuffin about attempting to steal our steemit password, here I refreshed the post about the steemit password stealing trials with english and also indonesian language. because I also want to tell steemit friends who can not speak english.

Hallo steemian , semoga hari kalian
saya membuat post ini ketika saya melihat post dari @reggaemuffin tentang ada upaya untuk mencuri password steemit kita , disini saya kembali menyegarkan post tentang percobaan pencurian password steemit dengan bahasa inggris dan juga bahasa indonesia. karena saya juga ingin memberi tahu teman steemit yang tidak bisa bahasa inggris.

This case occurs when a steemit user named ksolymosi makes a post entitled Why You should Sell All your Bitcoin Today And Before 2018, he created a trap for us by the way when we click read the full article will make us repeat the log in, and that's where he could have put us in our steemit password and saved by the trapper.

Kasus ini terjadi saat pengguna steemit yang bernama ksolymosi membuat post yang berjudul Why you should Sell All your Bitcoin Today And Before 2018 , dia membuat sebuah jebakan untuk kita dengan cara ketika kita click read the full article akan membuat kita mengulang kembali log in , dan disitulah dia bisa saja membuat kita menaruh password steemit kita dan berhasil di simpan oleh pembuat jebakan itu .

Image source : from @reggaemuffin

If you find such an oddity, please do not enter your password at random, because whenever we are stolen, so we have you open and such incidents immediately change your password

Jika kalian menemukan keanehan seperti itu , tolong kalian jangan memasukkan password kalian sembarangan , karena kapan saja kita kecurian , jadi kita kalian pernah buka dan kejadian seperti itu segera ganti password kalian

My appreciation to reggaemuffin is quick to tell us
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Go to the witness page https://steemit.com/~witnesses

If you want me to make design to you guys,
you can contact me via Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/arietm OR DISCORD

Ayo Gabung Di Adsactly-INDONESIA , kita dapat saling berbagi ilmu dan informasi
Discord adalah aplikasi chat dengan basis server dan channel , jadi sangat mudah di gunakan, kalian bisa download di google playstore

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Thanks @arie.steem, thanks for sharing this here; it will go along way in helping others secure their online funds. Security begins with each of us as individuals. Let spread the word..I owe you one!

off course bitcoin isn't in stable state so we have to sell it soon

did you even read the post?

Hhaa.. Are you read my post , lol

thanks for sharing. sometimes when i try to make a transaction the same thing happens. but i kept my password saved in one of my browser. so i don't have to put the password again. they are all in their place i just have to press the log in option.
do you think there is something wrong with that? i think this is happening mostly from the beginning.

I had the same recently, so I am a bit concerned. I mean - we always have to login again for making a transaction, but my stored password was not filled in automatically. So I had type it again.. A bit strange...

If it's not being filled in automatically, that means you're probably on a copycat site that's trying to steal it!

when you make a transaction, it's normal
just see your browser

not wrong with that @masummim50

That is why we need to be observant to all links that we are clicking .If you find it unsual then do not enter any information that could help them to steal your password or any important information

Thank for sharing this and raising awareness. Thank a lot.

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Terima kasih telah membagi informasi sangat penting untuk diketahui oleh seluruh stemian di seantero jagat raya, sekali lagi terima kasih.

Mkasi.. Tolong di resteem ya. Supaya yang lain tau

The information you write here is very useful. Hopefully all Steemit users to be more careful with this trap. Thank you @arie-steem.

Welcome sir 😀

Thank a lot for warning about such a phishing!

Whale Upvote from @dunsky

Thanks for the info, need to be alert!

that is why don't use your owners password when you log in. in the permissions area in your wallet, click on the permissions area where you can get your posting password and use it to log in. even in making transactions publicly, there is an active password you can use to make transactions and not using your owners key.

Good job brade!

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