My One Year Steemitversary Brings Special Surprise

in steemit •  5 months ago

One year ago today I joined Steemit.

11611 posts and 6169 followers in 365 days. 100% organically.

I started drafting an inspiring post last week in anticipation of my one year Steemitversary Friday June 15, but something big happened.

My oldest son @juggernaught called me on Wednesday evening, telling me he was rushing to the hospital. He's expecting his first child and Shy was having complications.

I met them at the hospital soon after they arrived and 26 hours later my lil man was the proud and protective Daddy to his own lil man, and I am now a proud Nonnina 💜

Keyoni Rose was born Friday June 15 at 1:21 am. He is 9 pounds 2.9 ounces and 20.75 inches long.

Happy Birth Day Keyoni Rose 💗

His Daddy at the same age

They both have large hands. The hospital staff told me my son would play basketball with paws like that. He does, and is awesome-dunking before he was 16.

I thought my son was a large baby, especially given the fact that I'm 5 foot 2 and a bit over 100 pounds. My boy was 23 inches long but "only" 8 pounds 6 oz! He's now 6' 4".

John's furrowed brow in his infant photo is not an indication of temperament, lol, as he is the most happy go lucky guy I know :)

My kitten had a kitten :)

Key Rose 🌹

My oldest son and Daddy to be, me, and my next oldest son and anxious Uncle to be, in the hospital day 2 of labor. You can't tell we haven't slept, can you?

Everyone is doing extremely well, minus a touch of exhaustion :)

My Nipote (Italian for grandson) was born on National Smile Power Day. How awesome is that? I don't think anything brings a smile more powerfully than a baby :). It's the perfect holiday for lil Key to have as a birthday!

I just wanted to share this wonderful event with my awesome Steemit family :)

I love you guys!

Now for some much needed sleep :)

I appreciate your support :)

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Congrats babe...
You’ve been a class act from day 1.


Happy steemitversary, you have done lots of great writing on here. Congratulations to you for getting a big healthy grand kitty and congratulations to your son for getting his own kitty. You guys are all looking great. Lil Keyoni is a big blessing to the family, take good care of him with lots of love am sure he will bring lots of joy and happiness. Wishing you and family the very best- stay blessed :)


Thank you so much for your beautiful words 💜

Be blessed my friend 🏵

I am so Happy for You Grandma Kitten. Congratulations !! @arbitrarykitten


Nonnina kitten ;)

In Italy we call our grandmother's Nonna. Unless she's petite. Then we call her Nonnina, aka "tiny Grandma". ;)

Don't have a clue why now that I'm thinking about it! I think Italians might be the only culture who has different names for family relations based upon body size, lol!


I had no idea about this and I think I will have to insist on Nonnina vs Nonna with my own grandchildren one day.


It's unique, isn't it?

Ah this is great -congratulations, I am sure you life will never be the same...just much better and full of love


I have a feeling you're right about life not being the same ;)

And I know that it is definitely blessed with more love and joy <3

Well I guess congratulations are due on all the fronts, so Congratulations Mam. Those are some interesting names in this post, can't say that I can recall anyone named "Shy" that I have come across in my lifetime and the baby's first name is also you don't hear very often.
Hope you are able to catch up on your rest, your son won't be able to for probably another 18 years or so.


Shy is short for Shyanne. She's Nisqually Native American. My son John is small percentage Shuswappe- the lost tribe of New York. Keyoni means John in native language, so he's technically a "Junior".

Lol, John slept all day yesterday. He only sat up and sleep talked a few times- with no recollection!

Thank you hun <3

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Congrulations to your family


Thank you so much!

Congratulations on becoming a grandma. lol
You don't look like a grandma though.
The baby is adorable. And you are gorgeous too. Blessings


Awe, Thank you so much :)

Congratulations @arbitrarykitten on your new grandson! And happy steemit anniversary! Awesome photos!


Thank you hun!

Congratulations on your Steemiversary and on the birth of your grandson! You've done very well over the past year. I think it's an example of what can be achieved if you stick with Steem and keep active on the platform. I've noticed several accounts that I was following which have now apparently given up. You're an example that persistence can lead to success!


I joined during a huge wave of registrations! So many though, as you noticed, have given up. It's a shame. Steem is a coin, and has it's ups and downs.

Thank you!

And yes, persistence is key :)

Such wonderful news!!! Congratulations to your son and your family. It is so exciting to be adding a little munchkin to the family. So happy for you all. You have done a wonderful job here in your first year. Keep up the great work.


Thank you so much 😊 I appreciate that!

Happy Steemiversary! And congratulations on the new member of your family, I am so excited for you :D

Happy Steemversary! Seems like a lot of people joined around the same time, I've seen many Steemversary posts these past couple of days.

Your son and husband do look like twins almost, when you compare those two pictures :)


Thank you!

Actually not my husband :) I haven't had one of those in quite side time ;) But not the first time I've heard that lol. The ginger in the photo, @juggernaught, is my son, the new Daddy :)

Congratulations! It's nice that it coincides with your steemit anniversary and a national smile day!!


I know, right! Super cool!

Thanks hun!

Congratulations @arbitrarykitten. A really special day in your family. Nothing warms the home quite like a new baby. Enjoy this special time with your family.

I had no idea about your Italian heritage until I read this post, it seems we have that in common.


Si, sono Italiano :) I was born in Padova, where is your family from?

Wow double congratulations so many Steemitversary around at the minute great to see 💯🐒


Thank you!

Yeah, I rode in on an extra large wave of registrating users :)

The 2 baby photos look a lot alike.
I am happy Mom and baby are healthy and resting.
Now you get some rest. 👍


Thanks sweets <3

Aw, congratulations! I cried the day I became an uncle. Such an amazing experience.


Awe. Yeah, everyone cried upon delivery. It is so extraordinary and overwhelming and there's really no words to describe it...

Congrats for being a Nonnina to a really cute Nipote (new two words I learned today)! Blessings be to you and your family! What a power to bring smiles and happiness indeed.

Sleep is going to be luxurious for the next months ahead :D


I should have tagged this under "education" ;)

Thank you! They are fortunate that I hold some innate knowledge or something- my children slept through the night calmly and peacefully from birth, minus the hunger or changing stirrings, naturally. To me it feels like instinct but I was recently informed I have some tricks up my sleeve, lol. I should write a post for parents!


I hope that knowledge was acquired by them. Anyway, they are quite fortunate to have you teach them. Were your parents like that too?


I was raised the old school Italian way- the grandparents raised you while the parents worked. Quite the beneficial process in my honest opinion. I feel fortunate to get the best of all worlds and wisdom :)

Steemitversary caught my attention a beautiful surprise for you indeed on your first year. You have another addition to your cool looking family. Hope you all got some needed rest and stay blessed. Cheers!


Thank you so much ❤

Congratulations! That is a beautiful and precious baby! 😊 And Happy Steemiversary!

A friend of mine had a baby 15 or so years ago, a little girl, whom she named "Keyona," and this is the first time I've heard a variant of that name! Very cool! Thank you for sharing this delightful news with #steemitbloggers

Oh how cool, and I've not heard Keyona until now.

Thank you <3

Well, Happy (slightly belated) Steemversary to you @arbitrarykitten!

You're definitely a class act here in the community, and it warms my heart to know that you have built all this "organically." I think that's a marvelous... and increasingly rare achievement!



Thank you very much hun <3 That means a lot!

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Double congratulations to you on your Grandchild and on sticking around for 1 year on steemit! :-) <3