Well, this is it. My last post on Steem.

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Ya know, it's kinda like moving to a bigger, nicer house. Exciting, but bittersweet. I've been here since 2016. Haven't built up a big following, or got much better at writing. Haven't made a lot of money. I don't think many people even read my posts. Pretty much all of the upvotes are thanks to @canna-curate and @doitvoluntarily (Partly my own fault for not being a little more involved). But none of those things are why I'm here.

I'm here because I want to be a part, however small, of bringing some freedom back to this world before I go. I want to see these chains we've placed on ourselves broken. I believe the level of decentralization that blockchain is capable of is the tool to do that.

One thing we have left is the freedom of association. This John Galt like mass exodus to a place where we are free from one entity having the ability to have to much control over, censor what we say, and stand in the way of self determination and innovation, which was, by the way, the whole point of steem in the first place @justinsunsteemit, but obviously you missed that.

What we are doing now is using that freedom to disassociate ourselves, either temporarily, permanently, or only in part, (permanently in my case) to achieve those goals.

Steem hive.png

I want to thank all the witnesses, developers, dapps, and other folks that have been working so hard on creating HIVE, and making the transition. I know there were sleepless nights and a ton of work that went in to getting this right, and a ton more to do. It's very much appreciated!

In a little less than an hour, I'll be dumping all my Steem and starting a powerdown of my SP for the FIRST time in almost 4 years.


So, Goodbye Steem! Hope to see MOST of you on the other side!


PS: I realize the HIVE logo in the image above is yellow and is suppose to be red. I like the yellow better. I think it makes more sense. So I changed it. Why? Well, because HIVE isn't Steemit Inc., and I can! 😁

are you using keychain to log in currently or some other key through peakd?

I'm using Peaklock through Peakd. Hivesigner is the exact same as steemconnect, if you're more comfortable with that.

you are speaking another language to me 🤣

LOL! It's alright man. Where are you getting hung up at? I'll answer any questions you got.

  • peakd.com
  • Click log in.
  • Click Peaklock
  • Click + account (bottom right)
  • Enter account name, private posting key, and active key.
  • Set 5 digit pin code
  • ....and you should be good to go!

You're there already. All you gotta do is log in!


more questions i have, can you access the wallet through peakd.com? why use that one instead of the hive.blog one? also if i change my pass for steemit today it would not impact the pass on hive right? so the pass for hive should be my old steemit pass before changing it is that right?


Yes, You can access the wallet through Peakd. Peakd is just a WAY better front end with a lot of features hive.blog just dosen't have, just like Steempeak and Steemit. Plus, hive.blog didn't have the wallet working last time we talked. I'm pretty sure they got it up and running yesterday though, so if you'd rather use hive.blog, you can.

I'm not 100% sure on that one, It stands to reason that if the chains are separate now, one shouldn't effect the other. Your Hive keys should be whatever your Steem keys were before the fork, so yea.

i managed to log in to the peaklock thing with the instructions you gave, i tried to make a transfer of the hive to see if i could do it and it wouldn't let me saying not the right password? i only entered the private posting, how do i change and which one does peakd need? can't i just use the peaklock to access that did i maybe do something wrong? i was able to log into the hive.blog now finally with the steemkeychain looks like but still cannot access the wallet through there either? 🙈

Hey buddy! Glad you made it! Yea, I hadn't used the Steemit front end in forever! Peak is where it's at! I decided to post this here too. To use wallet functions, you'll need to add your private active key. To do that, you just have to import the account again. You can find it on hive.blog the same way you find it on steemit.com right under your private posting key.

Go to "switch user".


Then remove the account by clicking that X.


Then do exactly what you did last time when you set it up, but this time put in your Private posting key AND your Private active key.


does it have to be on a certain browser? like the other keychain had to be with brave i think right? so if it does need brave, can i have both of those keychains, peaklock and steemkeychain installed on 1? thanks for your help 🙏

No problem man! Yea, Brave or Chrome.

The only reason I say use peaklock for Hive is I ran into some issues trying to use Steem keychain and the beta version of Hive keychain at the same time. I'm sure Matt is working on that if he hasn't fixed it already, but I know for sure there are no conflicts using steem keychain and Peaklock.

hey are you having any issues with peakd right now? seems i cannot do anything over there?
Error during 'vote' broadcast:
Unable to unlock the account" getting this msg when i enter the pin code...

Yea, must have been an update. I had to import my keys to peaklock again. I know there was some updates on Peakd. That's probably all it was.

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