Who Inspires You?

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Today I want to spread some more Dtube and Steem Inspiration and motivation and all around good vibes. Today I want to talk about and ask the question. Who on Steemit and Dtube inspires you? For me its my friend @spenceryan. He is not only a great guy but an awesome content creator and he is a big inspiration for me to no just be here on Steemit and Dtube but to create! He inspires me to keep making great content and motivates me and always has my back and is always there with helpful tips and good advise.

So I wanted to ask all of you. Who inspired you? Comment below and let everyone know!

Video Gear

Camera - https://goo.gl/1Ksh1P
Memory Cards - https://goo.gl/Zw5LQt
Lights - https://goo.gl/3BEMS3
Other Light - https://goo.gl/jDx55g
Gimbal - https://goo.gl/xn442s
Tripod - https://goo.gl/hwY3Qr
Less Expensive Lights - https://goo.gl/8MvQgq
Monitor - https://goo.gl/QwrMqY

Photography Gear
Camera - https://goo.gl/d1a5kH
Lens - https://goo.gl/QWUpSG
Memory Cards - https://goo.gl/Zw5LQt

Instagram - @erikwerlin

▶️ DTube

Wow man, thanks for this! I'm humbled! Honestly, I really love your work too. And I believe that you are going to go a long way on this platform! It's humbling to know that I'm able to motivate you. Thanks again brother!

No problem man! I'm glad that we can be motivate and inspired by each other and work together on projects and make big things happen! I also believe that you'll be huge on this platform in no time flat!

@travellit is awesome man. Love their content and I'm a fan of travel. Also really enjoy @thelifeofjord. Jordon puts some fun stuff together as well.

Thanks @captainbob just trying to spread some motivation and good old steemit cheer. Both of those channel have some great content. If you wouldn't mind resteeming my video and lets get as many people to comment and mention other great channels as much as possible.

It's great to see recognition for him, I heard about steemit from @spenceryan through his Instagram.. so he was the first content creator that I really watched and showed me what vlogging really is about.
As for who inspires me, I came to know @knowhow92 through #steemskate (a contest hosted by @web-gnar for skateboarders on steemit). Since I've been involved with steemskate, I've watched @knowhow92 become a better content creator and seen his excellent skating skills showcased through his vlog. I've also seen him be rewarded well for his content, which he will deserves.
Watching his videos gets me motivated to get better at skating and creating my own content, or just being involved with steemit altogether.

Well,your comment made me really happy Nick.You made my day bro.Thank you so much,those words are pure motivation for me to get better.
So,since I dig up your comment and im writing on @aperterikk 's post,i'll tell you who motivates me the most.Of course all #steemskate crew videos are bloody awesome,but the one guy that inspires me to make skate vlogs and keep trying the most is @nicolcron .
That English dude rules in terms of skating,editing and he is hella funny.He's got the whole package for vlogging.
Thanks again @nicksmitley ,these words mean the world to me!
#SKATEFORLIFE #steemskate

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