Don't Loose Hope In Crypto. This Is Still Just The Beginning!

in steemit •  4 months ago

The crypto market doesn't look very good these days. Most of the time everything is in the red and when it does go green chances are it goes down just as much. The good news is this, we are still in the very early days of crypto and blockchaian technology. Stick with it and in the years to come things will look better!

Video Gear

Camera -
Memory Cards -
Lights -
Other Light -
Gimbal -
Tripod -
Less Expensive Lights -
Monitor -

Photography Gear
Camera -
Lens -
Memory Cards -

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Don't know when crypto market will be in song again. Hope for the best !! We are with the technology rather hard cash.. May be it would take little more time. We are optimistic !!


Yep and steemit and the entire steem blockchain is also still in its infancy time will tell but there still so much to come.

Right thoughts you have @aperterikk, and set them cool

People need to start making easier ways to spend it, instead of just dropping new coins all the time. But that's none of my business i guess.