A Generousity From Steemit Payout is A Teardrops Happiness that Makes Indigent People Smile

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It feels good to share my blessings to others. It makes all my effort and hardwork worthy when you see others happy when youve shared your blessings.


I would like to thank @henry-gant for his generousity for sending funds for the little bamboo house renovation at province which Im helping at Bukidnon Philippines.



In this next few days Im going to write a post about that little house renovation progress.

Few days ago Im sending funds to Bukidnon for this Indigent people that is for house renovation which @henry-gant donates 35 steem. And to make this indigent people complete Im sending extra funds from my Steemit payout for Jollibe.



When I was not at Steemit before it is very difficult for me to eat or buy food at jollibee.I remember before I didnt have a chance to eat at jollibee for a whole year because of financial difficulties.



Since that I started at steemit after two months Im earning a good money at steemit. Im able to buy jollibee food for my family. Now Im sharing what I got from steemit to others. Im happy to share some of my steemit payout to indigent people at Bukidnon.

I told them to buy Jollibee and Lechon manok (Grilled Chicken) for take out so that all of thier family can eat. Im really so happy to see them smile that makes all my hardwork at Steemit worthy.

That is the major reason why I need to work very very hard with my online jobs and posting a lot at steemit as much as I can because Im helping others. I want to fulfill my mission and vission to help others financially even its not that much because Im supporting my family alone.

But inspite of being a single mom raising my family alone Im able to help others as well. Im glad that my daughter @jimbarcelona is now at steemit an a very active young steemian she had able to support her finances at school because of steemit.

Unlike before she was a failed student because of lack of finances for school allowance and school fees and projects that almost made her drop at school.

But since shes now at steemit everything was totally changed from a failed student into a one of the top student at thier school.


Its not only rich people can help indigent people but a simple steemian like me can also help through more effort and hardwork. The more I work online and the more I post here at steemit is the more help that I can give to others.




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It's good to know that you are sharing your wealth with other needy people. I believe in sharing myself. It tends to bring a lot of joy to my heart.

Hello excellent blog if you want to support a Venezuelan do not hesitate to vote for my last postkingtaunt.gif



you are a kind person. I hope you can help more:)

wow congrats @antonette you are doing good!

Amazing! I agree , there's a lot of Steemians with a good Heart and Supportive .


You have a good heart madam!!

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You plus Steem.it doing good works.

H. G.

Hola soy nueva en esta gran comunidad, espero tener su apoyo, como dice el un dicho: El que se arriesga no pierde nada y el que NO se arriesga no gana... Éxito

The Steemit.com has become a platform to support my education and it is really a helpful community.

I admire you for your good deeds mam.. You are such a blessing to those in need. God bless you more po!

Congratulations @antonette! Keep doing your good advocacy. Cheers!

I wish you all the very best in your life and your charitable endeavours.I am blown away by the power of steemit.


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Wow! generous work on steemit

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Congrats ma'am @antonette...thanks to Steemit

kindness always pay my friend

I'm glad things have changed for the better for you and you are nice for giving back to your community. Most people wouldn't even think of it and would concentrate on hoarding the money.

I hope steemit grows all the more for you.

Well done brother
Been following your post, and I'm happy at your progress, impacts and testimonies
Steemit as really been of help to many lives and communities