Announcement: Anti-Media to Publish All Content on Steemit First

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As part of Anti-Media’s new business strategy to exit Facebook, we’ve been considering putting more resources toward our Steemit content — and we’ve made a decision. Starting now, we will begin posting our content on Steemit first, even before it goes up on our website,

After our successful introduceyourself post, we’ve found great reception of our anti-establishment news content here on Steemit — enough to make this huge, risky leap, worthwhile in our view.

As Facebook continues to die a slow death, we’ve had to drastically rethink our business model to cope with going from 90% of our revenue generated from Facebook traffic to it becoming almost nonexistent. We’re hoping that Steemians will help us find success in our new strategy by supporting our professionally edited, fact-checked, adversarial journalism here.

With this community’s help, Anti-Media will be able to continue to be a voice for the voiceless as we take on both corrupt governments and their corporate colluders while reporting on solutions to the world’s biggest problems, including increased reports on blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies.

I’ll be upfront about this: After establishing a near-monopoly over social media, Facebook is literally killing the independent news industry, and that’s part of the reason why new platforms like Steemit have taken off so much recently. With the help of Steemians, we will continue this fight to spread information that has for too long been privileged to the powerful few.

However, it does cost us a considerable amount of resources to produce, fact-check, and edit each article, so we need and humbly ask for your support now more than ever in the form of upvotes and resteems if we hope to survive and thrive through the Facebook apocalypse.

— Nick Bernabe, Founder of Anti-Media

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Wow... great strategy! Can't wait to see how it works out for you guys! :)

Facebook's purge could be a blessing in disguise to Anti-Media and other independent websites with actual journalistic integrity. I wish you, the free thought project and many others, the best of luck.


Solid comments! I could not agree more. Without the "underground" of honesty, News will become nothing more than a 24 hour talk show format.

Nice to hear. Facebook needs to die already.

Keep it going, @antimedia ! Just joined Steemit after your suggestion and wish you the best of luck


Thank you @tagido! :) Bring your friends...

@antimedia @mintpressnews @greedmedia almost all my favorite news sites making the jump. Pretty soon I'll never have to get on facebook! Love you guys and wish you the best of luck!


Wouldn't it be great if we took all of our followers to Steemit and we never gave Facebook a second thought? :) We're really excited to be here and eager to see all of our fellow independent news outlets thrive here!


Haha, well I hope your followers listen better than my friends!

upvoted and resteemed! :)

Good move, both in terms of supporting independent media and in terms of generating revenue. We've all been generating billions of dollars worth of free content for Facebook for the past 10+ years. It only makes sense -- ethically and financially -- that people should get a stake in the wealth they are generating. I think when people realize what's going on here, we could very well see a mass exodus from Facebook. Hopefully. Why would you devote energy to posting, commenting, etc. for free while someone else makes money off of it when you could be doing the same thing on another platform and getting paid for it?

This is great news!!! It'll be good for Anti-Media and good for Steemit.


i'm really eager to see how this strategy works! :)


We're very excited!!

Awesome news, Steemit needs you.

Whoohooo! Love to hear it! This seems to be a thing many in the alt media are now doing, very cool. Hope this momentum keeps up and more of the media outlets being screwed by the likes of google and facebook show up here to shine :)


Time to shine. :) Thanks @danielshortell! The momentum is picking up...

Upvoted and resteemed.... with you until victory or bust @antimedia!


You're awesome @jbgarrison72! How are we doing so far? :)


Over 9,000! :D

Great Announcement !

Excellent news for Steemians! Wishing you every success!

You've got my vote. I really enjoy a lot of your content and I truly wish you all well! Like you, I am out there trying to get truth and proof to those still interested. FB and co have adopted the mainstream narrative and there is simply no desire on their part to support people trying to make a difference. Fight the good fight guys and gals. I will be in the trenches right alongside you!

Same stategy here, although from a minnow. I share posts to FB but dont actually go to site.
Let their presence fade quickly.

ThNks dear sharing your news..I waiting your next post..

Facebook is dead to me as a news source , the only page I really follow on there is RT and I imagine it is only a matter of time before they too are booted.. steemit will grow fast as word gets out.

This is great news!!!


isn't it?!